Uhmazing: Anita Wigl’it … Drag Extraordinaire

I’m very delighted to announce the official debut of bluebay700.com’s new regular column, Uhmazing! Uhmazing puts a spotlight on everyday people with exceptional talent, great personality, and absolute dedication to their craft. It’s so intense … you can’t take it. When kudos is not enough, it’s uhmazing.

Uhmazing!‘s first article, albeit unofficially, is Uhmazing: Kevin Free … High Quality Or Bust.

In this edition of Uhmazing! we’re going deep into the world of drag. Featuring … Anita Wigl’it, Vancouver’s drag queen extraordinaire and winner of Vancouver’s Search for Next Drag Superstar 2013.

All will be revealed in … 3… 2… 1…

I first meet Miss Wigl’it during last year’s Vancouver’s Search for Next Drag Superstar competition. During the competition, she wowed the audience, and the judges – including Sharon Needles, with her cooky and very unique high energy performances …all that, with a bubbly personality to match.

I asked Miss Wigl’it for an offline interview for Uhmazing! and she was very gracious to give me the opportunity to have a quick kiki with her … albeit, offline. I asked her some questions about her drag, her experience as a drag entertainer, and her future plans. Check it out…

Uhmazing!: What’s your out-of-drag name?
Anita Wigl’it: Even though I’m usually known as Anita Wigl’it or gurrrrl I also go by Nick Hall.

Uhmazing!: How did you come up with your drag name?
Anita Wigl’it: My drag name actually comes from two places. In New Zealand I worked for an Event Company and one of the principal sponsors (who helped build one of the theatres that I worked in) had the last name Wiggleton. My friend and I miss pronounced it and thought that their last name was Wigl’it which we thought was hilarious!!! Another friend who I also worked with (a hilarious queen by the name of Nora Titsoff!!) gave me the name Anita Man. Although this is obviously true it didn’t seem quite right. Therefore after some thinking about what my name could be I merged the two and became Anita Wigl’it! :)

Uhmazing!: How would you describe your drag?
Anita Wigl’it: I would describe my drag style as ridiculous! :) Although I change my makeup and general style quite often I always try to be campy and a comedy queen. I don’t take life very seriously and I love to laugh at myself (I was born with so much natural material!!) and I try to show this through my drag personality.

Uhmazing!: Describe Anita Wigl’it in one word…
Anita Wigl’it: Colourful

Uhmazing!: How did you start doing drag?
Anita Wigl’it: While working in the Theatres in New Zealand we were lucky enough to have the musical, ‘Priscilla – Queen of the Desert’ come to us on tour. It was the first time that I’d ever seen a drag queen and I just loved the fun and campy humour that filled the theatre! At our Christmas party a few staff members (myself definitely included!) decided to dress in drag and that was my first ever outing! A couple of years later I had a ‘Priscilla’ themed 21st (which is when I gave my first drag show) and then I just couldn’t stop!! :)

Uhmazing!: Do you have a drag mother?
Anita Wigl’it: Sadly I am an orphan! But with my beak of a nose my mother could only be the great Barbra Streisand and my father Toucan Sam. ;)

Uhmazing!: Do you design and make your own outfits, and where do you get your inspiration from?
Anita Wigl’it: I love to design costumes and wigs but unfortunately my talent in making them is very small!! Therefore I glue gun pretty much everything and my best friend actually bought a sewing machine so that he could make me costumes (I’m very lucky!!)! My inspiration would have to be the ‘Priscilla’ movie with it’s out of this world costuming!! I try to wear things that only a drag queen could wear and this is why I like a lot of colour, sequins, rhinestones and faux fur!

Uhmazing!: How long have you been doing drag? Tell us about your early drag days?
Anita Wigl’it: My first drag appearance was at my work Christmas party in 2008. My face looked even more busted than it does now but my Mom made me the most beautiful French Renaissance costume which I still have but haven’t been able to squeeze onto a plane to bring to Canada! A couple of years later I had my first drag show at my own 21st birthday party! After the fun that I had performing I contacted the local gay club, ‘Family Bar’ and I started to perform every couple of weeks. That was coming up to four years ago now!

Uhmazing!: Do you have any drag queens idols?
Anita Wigl’it: I do indeed! I love Jinkx Monsoon’s hilarity and pure talent! She is just amazing and is one of two people in the world (the other being the supreme Barbra Streisand!) that I would love to have lunch with. The other is a good friend of mine, a New Zealand Queen named Buckwheat. Bucky has the most amazing costumes in the world, stunning makeup and gives fabulous performances. Not only is she one of NZ’s most successful Queens she also has a very successful career during the day, runs ultra-marathons, is a body builder AND is one of the sweetest, loveliest people that you will ever meet! I don’t just idolise her as a drag queen but more like an inspiring life coach. Whenever I think, “I don’t want to go for a run”, which lets face it happens all the time(!!), I just think of Bucky dominating the world and it will undoubtedly get me out of the door.

Uhmazing!: What do you consider to be your greatest drag accomplishment?
Anita Wigl’it: My greatest drag accomplishment would have to be winning ‘Vancouver’s Next Top Drag Superstar’ last year! The first round of the competition was actually my first drag show in Canada and it was just such a magical and humbling experience. A couple of months later I was also awarded the DMS ‘Entertainer of the Year Award’ and the ‘Oliv-X Changes Award’ which is given to a drag queen who changes the face of drag in Vancouver. It just made me feel so welcome in Canada and part of a truly wonderful community!

Uhmazing!: Congratulations again on winning the much coveted title of “Vancouver’s Next Drag Superstar 2013″ What did winning the competition mean to you?
Anita Wigl’it: Thank you so much!! :) Winning the competition last year still means so much to me and I still feel incredibly happy to have been a part of it, let alone to win it! I actually entered the competition at about 11pm the night before the first round and I had no idea what I was in for! The competition was a really big help to my drag career as no one knew who I was in Vancouver prior to it and it really helped me to burst onto the scene!

Uhmazing!: If you were to pick a charitable cause, what would it be?
Anita Wigl’it: I would choose the BC Cancer Foundation which I’m thrilled to say is being supported by the Rhinestone Phoenix Foundation who fundraise for them at least once a month with their last Wednesday of the month shows at Heaven’s Door. I haven’t ever shared this before but I had a cancer scare when I first moved to Canada, ironically as a drag queen it was a testicle cancer scare! Very fortunately it wasn’t cancer but the whole experience was pretty awful and I, like pretty much everyone in the world have lost some beautiful people in my life to this horrible disease. Therefore I would back any cancer foundation 100% and even though I’m moving away from the excellent work that the Rhinestone Phoenix Foundation are doing I will continue my work for charities because it’s so important and very needed in the world.

Uhmazing!: What keeps you going, as a drag enterainer?
Anita Wigl’it:I love to make people laugh and have fun and as long as I can keep doing this I’ll keep going! Also it would be a lie if I didn’t mention that financially being a queen can be pretty alright as well! ;) haha. But then all it takes is another pair of heels and I’m back to being a thrifty queen again!

Uhmazing!: What’s next for Anita Wigl’it?
Anita Wigl’it:That is such a great question because some pretty big things are happening at the moment! On July 14 I will actually be moving back to New Zealand where I’ll be starting a new job in the Arts Industries as well as hopefully hosting my own event every third Friday (more info to come!). Before I leave Canada though I will be having a big leaving party that is happening on July 12. I’ll be performing in Carlotta Gurl’s show at the Junction (show time around 10:45pm) and then I’ll be heading to ‘Monroe’ at Heaven’s Door for my final (for now!) performance in Vancouver! Over the next few years I want to work on making Anita bigger and bigger (hopefully not around the waist though!). I love being a performer and I’m excited to see where it can take me and I’m prepared to work like crazy to make it happen! I also plan on visiting Vancouver to see my lovely darlings and also to perform both at my old haunts and in Seattle.

Uhmazing!: Any advice for would-be drag queens out there?
Anita Wigl’it: When I gave my first drag show on my 21st a lovely drag queen friend of mine told me that as long as I was happy with my makeup, hair, costume and performance then that was all that mattered. We all have to start from somewhere, even RuPaul was a baby queen once, many, many, many years ago! Haha! Just enjoy it and try not to take yourself too seriously. ;) Also in the words of my wonderful Grandad, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all”. Life is too short to be mean, it doesn’t achieve anything and although bitchy queens can be hilarious I think that it’s best to leave it up to Bianca del Rio who hates everyone!! :D

Thank you so much Anita Wigl’it for such a great offline interview! In behalf of Uhmazing! … I wish you all the best and much success in your new endeavor! Break a lash!

People, don’t forget to mark your calendar … July 12 Saturday for her Goodbye Party! at The Junction followed by one last performance at Heaven’s Door. Let’s all give her a gagging sendoff to her new journey! Bring your tips, tissue, … and for heaven’s sake! Wear waterproof mascara! :) Check some of her photos here.

Like I always say … “Gotta help a hoe make some money.

You all can follow Anita Wigl’it from her Facebook page.


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