Every now and then we read negative articles about Vancouver, British Columbia as a “no fun city.” At first glance, it sounds very awful. These writers, who makes these declarations as if they’re the “FUN AUTHORITY OF THE UNIVERSE!”, actually don’t know squat about what’s fun or not. They come across as very shallow people who thinks that having fun is only limited to night clubs, booze, drugs, bath houses, and cheap hookers. It’s actually very sad to read, not for the city but for the writers.

Life is what you make of it. And it doesn’t matter where you are in the world … if you’re a pessimistic, negative and boring person… you will NEVER have a good time even if fun slaps you on the face. Whiny people will always find something to complain about … no matter how wonderful their situation is. So if you’re a gloomy person who rely on others to make your life bearable … then what you need is not a strong drink, … what you need is counseling.

I for one, almost can’t keep up with the activities in downtown Vancouver … and that doesn’t include the whole Metro and out-of-town adventures like Whistler or … White Rock, yes, it can be fun there … you can push somebody off the boardwalk… jk. Don’t … unless they’re wearing a scuba gear. But then again, my idea of fun is not trying to get piss-drunk and wallow on the gutter with my vomit at 2:00am or getting bugs from random people. Did you know that you can actually go clubbing and have lots of fun without swallowing a single gulp of alcohol? *gasp* Shocking isn’t it?

So if you buy into these negative publications, do it. Please do. Because when you come here you will likely cause a lot of trouble, and ruin other people’s experience. “Believe what you want!” ~ Tatiana (RPDR) … and take your negativity elsewhere… and STAY OUT! Thank you very much.

And thank you to the authors who write these articles … because you are saving us the trouble of weeding out these NO FUN PEOPLE (including yourself, of course).


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