Ivy Winters … Simply Exquisite

Miss Ivy Winters, Top Eight and Miss Congeniality of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season Five, is currently touring BC Lower Mainland until Saturday July 5. She made her Vancouver performance debut last January as part of an ensemble cast of RuPaul’s Drag Race – Battle of the Seasons which held at the Commodore Ballroom. Her second Vancouver gig was supposed to be last March, but that was cancelled due to a very valid reason – of which I can’t disclose. But she’s here now! Yes! She performed last night at Celebrities Nightclub, one of Vancouver’s premier nightclubs, for TFD Present’s Liberace to a very decent crowd of fans and party goers. The event was co-presented by Celebrities Nightclub.

Disk jockey for the night was Del Stamp. The bitch looked fresh. When he wasn’t busy reprimanding me … he spun great and relatable music. I’ve always been a fan of DJ music that samples familiar songs … but not the ‘tude, nope … never. I feel like I’m walking on eggshells when I’m around Del … well that’s the truth gurrr #read #all_T_all_Shade. :) <3 #don’tKillMe lol :P #snappingAtMeWillEndUpInAnArticleSomewhere_ForFutureReference

Miss Winters performed two acts showcasing her self-made glamorous stylish, albeit classical, costumes and her juggling abilities – using pins and daggers. I had a hard time capturing the dagger juggling act because I got too queazy looking at three big daggers flying in the air. Sharp blades (no matter how fake) and going airborne … in close proximity requires a lot of attention … and distance. LOL. The good news is … I didn’t faint.

It was a great pleasure to hang out with her backstage, along with local drag entertainer Kitty. I managed to take a few precious photos. #fangirling. I suppose when a Tweep is too noisy … it’s hard to ignore. Getting recognized by a RuPaul’s Drag Race cast member from Twitter is such a treat. I like how warm and nice she is in person. It’s like being welcomed in your own home.

Ivy Winters will perform tonight at Sugar Nightclub in Victoria, BC for Victoria Pride, and then she’ll be back in Vancouver on Saturday for another surprise gig! Then she’ll be back in August 3 for RuPaul BOTS.

Check her out! She’s awesome to meet.

Check out the event photos including meet and greet here, or for ya’ll Facebook lover, here.

You know what’s weird? Having a busy nightclub and less than half the patrons know who’s the main attraction is.


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