ABSOLUT’LY DRAG-U-LOUS : Dollhouse … All T All Shade

All T All Shade! My experience last night at The Junction Pub was pleasantly “shocking.” I was out to cover another event last night, but decided last minute to stop by at The Junction since it’s been a while since checked out the show there – thirty seven days. I’m glad I did! Last night ABSOLUT’LY DRAG-U-LOUS featuring Carlotta Gurl and guests was doing a “Dollhouse” theme. Usually the drag show lean on the campy side, but last night … I would say it’s the most polished the show has ever been. Them gurls were painted for the gawds! Great drag line-up, great show, and overall excellent production!

Okay, what’s a blurb without going on a tangent? Here goes … so I got to the pub around 10:22pm, and as what photographers must do before the main event … is to test some shots of the venue to get the proper setting. So I was there taking specific shots of the stage, lights, etc. Then the manager walked up to me and asked me if I what was I taking pictures of and why. So I said I was testing some shots before the show starts. He said, they had trouble in the past where a patron was “screaming” at them when a photographer took his picture (probably pissed drunk, AA, and/or cheating) … albeit, without permission. Ugh, so I explained that I’m only taking photos of the show, that’s it. So … drama averted. Two Three things I have to point out:

  1. I never take photos of random people in events unless they ask me to. I find it creepy taking pictures of strangers indoors unless. Exception is if they’re in a public outdoor place and are good subjects for an article or gag. Otherwise, I would ask and give them time to pose.
  2. There’s almost no story to tell with pictures of strangers in a pub, unless it’s Kesha puking on the dance floor, that I would do and then run for my life. :)
  3. I personally don’t like my photo taken without being asked, so I try to do the same for others as much as possible *crosses fingers*.

Remember what people say in Facebook drama …”I’m only here for the comments.” Well, that’s me with event photography … I’m only here for the event. And be thankful somebody gives a *expletive* about your show. Thank you very much.

I would dare say drag queen Anna Propriate stole the show last night. The gurl reminds me of Iona Whip … okay, wait a minute here … I say this because I couldn’t tell if she’s a biological woman or a psychological woman. First time I’ve meet her in person .. and she was such a doll (pun intended). I noticed that there has been an influx of really fishy queens in Vancouver lately. This was most evident during Vancouver’s Search For Next Drag Superstar 2014 event.

I’ve been reading updates on Facebook about Vancouver’s queen bee of mug perfection, Raye Sunshine, about her efforts in doing a death drop. She tried it last night including a split. It’s there … but I’d say it just needs to be quicker. lol, sorry gurl. I’m glad somebody is doing it. We don’t have a lot of choreography queens in Vancouver.

Tidbit: Raye Sunshine is Nicki Ravange’s and Kitty’s drag mother … or auntie? She’s not old. This explains the fierce look … great blending. It all makes sense now.

All in all, the show last night was top notch! I hope it’s all uphill from here.

ABSOLUT’LY DRAG-U-LOUS is a drag show that happens every Saturday night at 10:45PM at The Junction Pub in Vancouver. Check it out!

Photos from the show click here.

Facebook lovers, here you go.

ps: And remember, if you see me around with a camera … and want your photo taken, just tap my shoulder and ask nicely. I’m not being picky or indifferent … I just don’t like taking pictures of random people unless you’re part of the show. And if you tap my shoulder when I don’t have the camera with me … well, clearly you’re asking for something else … LOL ;) *meow*

[ Update: Ok, so I’ve been told Anna Propriate is a real woman. LOL Well… not the first time. Thanks Nicki! ]


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