“The Walking Dead” Season Five! Preview

OMG! Preview of “The Walking Dead” Season Five! Wow has it really been this long? I like it better when they’re on the run rather than being stuck at some camp. Season four was a relief. Not having to watch a “hated” character (Rick) episode after episode was pretty good actually. It was easier to focus on characters instead of taking them all in at once. They characters get more screen time and viewers won’t get overwhelmed, I know I was.

There are only four original cast members left: Carol, Rick, Carl, and Glenn. Which main character are they going to chop next? I was so “pissed” when Rick let Carol go. I thought it was the end of her, but they brought her back *teary-eyed*. Then she dropped one of the most popular one-liner on the show “Just look at the flowers Lizzie.” That scene to me is one of the most intense and memorable scenes of the show next to Sophia’s coming out of the barn scene in season Two – “Pretty Much Dead Already.”

Season five premieres this October. And to borrow RuPaul’s words…

Bring it!


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