“Gold Grill BBQ” by Krysta Youngs feat. Laganja Estranja & Melanie Fontana

No T No Shade … “Gold Grill BBQ” is actually a cool song. The base, spoken words, and rhythm … are perfect! I really am not into hip-hop/rap/whatever-u-wanna-call it music … so for me to really like a song in this genre … it takes a lot umpf. Yes, to me this song sounds really smooth and polished. It’s not gimmicky or comedic, … thank god! It’s not like one of those run-of-the-mill quick-and-dirty Drag Race-cast-produced-song-to-capitalize-on-current-publicity-but-not-really-caring-about-quality kind of song. Any anti-Laganja Estranja drag race fan would be disappointed, since she’s not annoying in the song or video at all. You get just the right amount of Laganja Estranja-isms. And to top it off the music video is overall great and appropriate … just a few minor things; I’m not sure about filming anything in the middle of the day since it can be very unflattering – like that wide overhead shot of a girl on the grass uhmmm ugh, a lot of wide shots, and not sure about BBQing/partying on dirt (but! I dig Laganja’s drop split).

This is probably one of those circumstance where the music can do well on its own. Who knows, maybe there will be another music video … let’s say, do an unconventional BBQ, i.e. BBQing by the beach or in a junkyard … at night! With strobes, artificial smoke, amber, some death drops and splits, and everything! They could even cut the cast in half … so we can focus more on the stars … and lots … lots of slow mo. Eh? Wut wut! (my poor attempt at acting thug-ish).

Anyway, check it out! Oh and … now available on iTunes. Congrats!

I was expecting a close-up of a diamond encrusted gold grill, like the one on the poster … but never materialized. What I saw was a literal “gold” (matted) painted BBQ grill. Gurl, where’s the pun? lol :D


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