Amazing Race Canada Season 2 featuring Vancouverites Ryan & Rob

Last night The Junction Pub was abuzzed from the screening of The Amazing Race Canada Season 2 premiere featuring two Vancouverites and former bartenders of 1181 Lounge: Ryan Steele and Rob Goddard.

Tangent Time!: Now, I personally don’t watch the USA version of the show in protest of always winning the Emmy’s for Best Reality show against Survivor, the one I’m a fan of. LOL. But last night was an exception … Rob is on the effin show!

I first personally “noticed” Rob a while back through acquaintances and from former Numbers bartender Mitch – he was the establishment’s biggest prankster then, so he was hard not to notice and befriend. I used to “go to” Numbers, way back when, when I was still very new in town (cough) … don’t judge me. Anyway, I first “formally” ran into Rob at Five Sixty nightclub when Sharon Needles did a show there a couple of years go. Of course my natural reaction was say “Hi”, nod, then ran away. LOL :) #normal … again, don’t judge me. What’s interesting about Rob is, aside from his young Sean Connery look, is his photography … he’s got a knack for taking photos with his smartphone of usually really mundane things but in a very interesting perspective or angle, and his stylized coloring technique makes the final photo even more intriguing. It’s a unique gift.

Anyway, recently Rob’s been everywhere in the world with Ryan … weeks stay in Japan, then for the longest time in Australia. And I thought, okay, he likes to travel with his new man (fact: they’re not a couple by the way). It seemed like an extended travel, so I suspected something was up. Kinda like when drag queens say they’re going away for a few months to tend to family matters. :) Yes, you learn things when you watch reality shows. So when he finally broke the news … I thought it was awesome! Knowing somebody on TV is cool, in many ways. :) #braggingRights lol

The premiere kicked off pretty great. I still don’t get the show’s format but I thought it was very exciting. The Junction was packed with Ryan’s and Rob’s supporters. I got a kick out of the energy from the crown whenever they scream every time either of them was on screen. It’s like watching a concert. It’s great to see so much support for these local dudes. :)

Of course, watching British Columbia being showcased on TV was also great! The first leg of the race culminated at Fisgard Lighthouse historical site in Victoria, Vancouver Island. I was there last year. I explored the area and the lighthouse. It’s a very interesting place. Watching places I’ve been to on TV is also a neat feeling.

I’m glad I took up Rob’s invite and went to The Junction … it gave me the opportunity to take a selfie with Rob while he’s still in town. Ya know … he recently took up residency in Australia.

So Ryan and Rob survived the first episode … great! More to cheer about on Tuesdays. Good luck!

Photos of the pemiere click here- no guests photos.

Facebook lovers, click here – includes guests photos.


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