He Who Is Named : Bryan Bone

If there ever was a title called “Vancouver Drag Historian / Fabulous Mixed Media Watercolor Arteest Extraordinaire” … it’d go to Bryan Bone. LOL :) Wear your tiara proudly miss thing!!! I’m not 100% sure but I can safely assume he knows every drag queen in town … and have been to almost every show there is … week after week, alcoholic beverage in one hand and camera in the other. Werk! Keep up the good werk bitch. #proud … even though I look horrible in almost every photo you took of me lol (pause) :/ your camera hates me, that’s why (so make sure I’m off frame, ugh) … but I digress.

You can check out his fab works on his site: http://bryanbone.ca/

“just for fun, I’m putting together compilations of drag shows that i’ve filmed over the years! I have 100’s of clips (solos & groups from many venues) so tell me what you think! here’s a The Cobalt compilation of group performances!” – Bryan Bone


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