Laverne Cox got nominated for an Emmy for her acting role in “Orange the New Black.” Not the first transgender to get nominated for an Emmy though, that breakthrough goes to Chaz Bono for his documentary in “Becoming Chaz” #splittingHairs. But yes, first for a new category. It’s all good. It helps further the Transgender community cause, and the LGBT acceptance trend in general.

I say “trend” because lately, specifically this past eight years – and under Barack Obama’s watch, the LGBT community has made a lot of groundbreaking progress with equality and inclusiveness. This would never have happened under Bush’s watch, remember he wanted to change the US Constitution to prevent gay people from getting married? Gay marriage was a staple election hot button issue use mainly by the GOP to galvanize their conservative base. On the other hand, we have Barack Obama openly declaring his support for the LGBT community, specifically on the issue of the right to marry (same-sex marriage). I’m not giving him all the credit, no, but it does help the cause when the Chief Executive is on your side. As well, I strongly believe that the younger generation are also predominantly more tolerant compared to say most Baby Boomers.

Up until 2008, marriage equality was a very very steep and uphill battle. I remember back in February 2004 when then California Mayor Gavin Newsom allowed licensing of same-sex marriages. Me and my partner then almost got married, but decided not to because it was so highly politically charged. Then it was struck down a month later. Then President George W. Bush proposed a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage. Me and my partner decided to move to Canada, and marriage equality was one of the top reasons … if not, the second reason. And thank goodness!

Now there’s an influx of celebrities coming out and big companies running gay-friendly ads. Suddenly, the “gay thing” is hip. The only thing I find a little off-putting is really knowing how much of it is genuine and how much of it is “cashing in” on the popular trend. Some of these big names would never ran a gay-friendly ad years ago, now this. I’m happy for these celebs who declare publicly that they’re gay … but ya know, publicity is publicity.

Nevertheless, it adds to the hoopla … to the trend. That’s my only comfort. So if it helps keep the wave of popular opinion that “being gay is cool (and hot)” rolling … if it helps win the LGBT community some victories, why not?! It’s about damn time anyway! But I sure hope the younger generation will enjoy the freedoms they’re enjoying now but not forget the sacrifices made by the generations before them … and not feel so goddamn entitled.

Laverne Cox will win her Emmy nomination for Outstanding Guest Actress In a Comedy Series … in part because of her acting (confession: I’ve never seen the show) but also in part of the LGBT trend … and the Emmy Foundation wants to cash in … again. They’ve done this once before with Chaz Bono … so it’s keeping up with their image.

So … congratulations! … to everyone! We have … arrived!

It is YOUR life, live it!

One don’t need an effin scientific survey to notice these things. Just keep up with the news … and observe. Unless you live under a rock you wouldn’t know squat.


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