R Place Presents Courtney Act … Super Nice

After a couple of missed opportunities in Canada I was finally able to watch Courtney Act perform live and get to meet her in person. The Australian Idol finalist and RuPaul’s Drag Race Season Six Top Three alumna was in Seattle last weekend for a two night show at the go-to place for intimate drag race performances … R Place. She headlined an All Star Lashes cast with Robbie Turner, Lady Chablis, Amora Dior Black and La Saveona Hunt. And on the second night the fabulous ensemble was complemented by reigning Miss UTOPIA Seattle — Atasha Manila.

Must I say “No T, No Shade“? I suppose not. As expected, power dancers La Saveona Hunt and Amora Dior Black pretty much set the stage on fire with their wickedly fast high precision choreography. You have to realize that these women are in full drag, they’re tucked, on high heels, they lip synch, and on top of that … they’re doing dance moves that only people with dislocated joints can do, lol. Figuratively speaking … of course, duh!

Tangent time: I keep thinking, must I sound intelligent in this article? What would Mathu Andersen think if he reads this. Ugh, ya know what? This is my site and I can do whatever I want. And this is how I express myself so … whatevs. ;) *z-snap* If I sound like a bloody idiot, who gives an F? Live!

It is almost impossible to capture a descent photograph of these power dancers since they’re like the Flash. The minute I point my camera at them they’re already on the other corner of the stage. But for some shots that I manage to snap … got me all thrilled!

Oh Robbie Turner … the gurl… half the time during her performance she’s either dancing with a stranger, on some guy’s lap, or over their shoulder. I mean, if all it take is to perform in drag to get on Chris’ (the security crew) shoulder .. so be it. LOL (cat is out of the bag, oopsie!) Anyway, it’s always fun to watch her do that with other people. And I’m thinking, when she’s on some guy’s shoulder … do the guy smell rainbow or what? lol. It is kind of scary. You never know after she gets off you a chunk of your shoulder get missing. ha! :D Anyway, then we have Lady Chablis … whose lip sync performance of Whitney Houston I like. I’m still not sure what to think about her ultra campy performances. It’s different and entertaining.

Atasha Manila did a couple of really unique performances. I was gagging at her Maleficent-inspired outfit … then she stripped down to bare minimum. LOL :D Prior to this gagging look, she came out in a trashy outfit … hair all dusty and all, one might think she just got out of the Adam’s Family attic. It was too funny to watch. And then she took off her dusty dress and transformed into a werkin’ gurl … hoe down! I like how raw her performances can get. She reminds me of Jujubee … but different.

And lastly, Courtney Act … the gurl serves fish on a golden platter. She’s as fishy as any man can get. I first heard of her thru Willam Belli’s makeover video on YouTube. My first impression of her was pretty good. I thought she got a very pleasing personality … aside from looking really really fishy. I watched her “Welcome To Disgraceland” video on YouTube … and that blew my mind away. Her performance video about her cruise ship gigs was also very awesome. So after it was leaked that she was going to compete in the sixth season of Drag Race she immediately became my first pick to win. Of course, that didn’t happen.

So when she finally emerged on the stage at R Place last Saturday, sang and interact with the audience, I thought she was everything I thought she’d be; Gorgeous, slender, “conservative glutes” lol, the obvious lace front, cool vocals – not Kelly Clarkson wow but great nonetheless, and very personable. I only wish the microphone wasn’t so huge that it covered her pretty face most of the time. Why hide her best asset?

I had a great opportunity of photographing the meet and greet and observe her goofing around. I got really comfortable just being around her. It was fun to watch other fans getting excited when they meet her. It was a long line! I wanted to congratulate her personally for her recent music videos “To Russia With Love” and “Mean Gays“. After taking all the photos, it was finally my turn. Chris, the hot studly friendly security guy at R Place – who by the way have a knack for unintentionally stealing the show with his awesomeness, was kind enough to take my photo … oh and they all turned out nice! Anyway, before Chris took my photo I was stoked that I was finally gonna be able say to her what I’ve prepared to say for days! Then I opened my mouth and said “Hi Courtney! I voted for you!” … and I was like … wtf? Voted?! You didn’t vote for her you idiot! Well, yes and no … the finale was sort of like a voting thing but it’s not really … I did, but it’s not like American Idol phone voting. I believe World of Wonder and RuPaul already know whom they want to win. Fan votes is only a way to make the fans feel their voice really count. So anyway, my first meet with Courtney Act was a fail for me. I’ll get you for this brain!!! LOL … who knew I still get star struck after taking all those pics for hours! My only consolation was, I still had the presence of mind to ask her for a selfie with my point and shoot camera. :) So thank you DJ Flow, Lashes, and Chris :D … and the security guy in the audience — he’s very friendly too. (cough) [ going back ].

Check out photos from the event below:

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