Uhmazing : Atasha Manila … Unstoppable! Part 1

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It is with great pleasure to feature on this third edition of Uhmazing one of Seattle’s finest drag entertainer, and rising superstar, Atasha Manila!

Do you want a lip sync to go with your order of adobo? :)


Sidewalk R Us

I first meet Atasha Manila on the sidewalk of Seattle, lol … yes this is how I usually meet people (cough) don’t judge me!, in March 16, 2013 at 8:21PM outside R Place. I was waiting with a friend outside R Place for the doors to open to get our VIP wristbands for March Dragness show featuring Detox Icunt, when I spotted this fiercely-painted lady, big hair, wearing a freakum dress (imo), and luggage and bag in tow. Of course I didn’t wasted too much time to introduce myself and have our photo taken. *click* *click*. After a quick chat with her, I found out she was performing that night along with the cast of Lashes. My first impression of her was … winner. Her performance at R Place that night was pretty damn good. She was very … interactive (audience’s palm under her tuck) lol. :D Anyway, I started to follow her after that.

Fierce drag queens who are friendly and approachable are the kind fans should look out for and show support.

Inay’s & Miss UTOPIA

I found out that night that she also has a weekly show at a restaurant in Seattle called “Inay’s” every Friday night. It took me a while to figure that name out. As soon as I got all the details and schedule sorted out, I made a dinner reservation. What I experienced left me gagging. The idea of a drag queen doing a full show in a restaurant, and in between performances and costume changes takes orders and serve food … was AMAZING! There were a couple of guest drag queen performers which made it possible for her to work while she werks. :D It was a blast! Tips where raining, patrons where having so much fun, a straight guy was shocked at what he witnessed, cameras flashing, drag queens on top of tables … under the table, twerking and grinding lol … just like having a drag show at a club! The food was prompt and delicious. The service was pretty good too! (Ok, I need to go back … I’m getting hungry).

She carried the whole show! You can feel her energy … her “stage” presence (there was no stage, only the restaurant floor but you know what I mean) … was undeniable. She got IT! She’s got C.U.N.T. (charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent). I thought she should try out RuPaul’s Drag Race … she’s got more to give than some of the gurls in past seasons (lol, I’m being shady but at least I’m not gonna name names).

In October 2013 she entered Miss U.T.O.P.I.A. Seattle pageant and won! She’s the first non-transgender to ever win the title. It’s yet another validation of her fierceness. After having seen her perform a few times, the way the puts herself together, her craftiness, her flawless makeup, and her very personable disposition … makes her an easy choice for Uhmazing.


After I pitch to her this project about a month ago … she said she would “love to!!”. It was a great relief since I was planning on having a proper photo shoot to go with the interview for this third edition. My trip to Seattle last weekend for the Courtney Act show at R Place was the perfect opportunity. What’s more … she was schedule to perform that night with the cast of Lashes!  I was proposing ideas of the shots to her and she just jumped right in. She’s on top of her game. She even beat me at finalizing the meet-up schedule! What I got was over-the-top! And I’m not even talking about the photo shoot! What I got was a very warm welcome (pun intended). I was given a tour of her world — her workshop, her crib, her drag stuff, and I get to see her transform! Free lunch? yes please. Awesome hospitality! She’s great to work with … and super funny. I mean … she’s Directing Made Easy. Great to bounce ideas back-and-forth. Zero complaints … 100% fierce look! I have to note that it was pretty damn hot when we did the photo shoot last Saturday … 32C mid-afternoon. And she was in full drag … outdoors! #Professional

So without further ado … I present to you Atasha Manila THE Interview! Enjoy!



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