“In Focus” Debut Featuring Greg J.

I’m pleased to announce the debut of bluebay700.com’s new photography collection “In Focus“.

While “Presenting” is dedicated to photography projects about drag entertainers, In Focus will focus on … well, everybody else. Models can be anyone … anyone interesting, that is. My criteria is very subjective since it will depend on inspiration and idea. However, one thing is for sure … it will be about good-natured folks.

For this first project, In Focus model is Greg J. of Vancouver, BC … techie by day, club crew by night. The 30ish six-foot-something (I think 6’2″ at least) guy of mixed ancestry – English, Scottish, Irish, and Japanese, etc… descent, is a very funny man, very engaging, and self-proclaimed geek. Before the photo shoot, I had to ask him to try look serious so the shots will look five times better. I’ve seen his Facebook photos, and he’s always goofing around … well, except for one. :)

Tangent time: Ya know, if you wanna look really good in your photos … pose like Posh Spice – look mad or constipated, lol. I do it myself (1% pouting!). Why smile … teeth is great, but not so much with crow’s feet and ridges! Reserve your smile and LOLs for socials. As soon as somebody says 1-2… (look mad or suspicious + a tiny pout) … 3! *click* lol ok, not too mad.

In Focus : Greg J. (Vancouver) 2014-07-20

In Focus : Greg J. (Vancouver) 2014-07-20

Anyway, he’s great to work with … and pretty good build too. He workout a little (cough) … anyway, I really don’t wanna talk too much about him because I don’t want this to sound like a dating article. I’m not selling him or anything. I merely wanna share some background about who’s In Focus.

He’s usually working at 1181 Lounge on Davie at night. I don’t know his schedule! Weekends maybe? So go and say “Hi!” … and buy some drinks there while you’re at it.

Thanks Greg J. for the photo shoot! And remember, next time it’s a tank top :D.

Click here to view “In Focus : Greg J.” Photo Gallery.


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