Truth In Labeling

My refrigerator is now half empty, mainly because I finally got rid of all “expired” food and drinks – two-month old bread, spices, unfinished RedBull from last week, cheese singles from last January, frozen food from last winter, and condiments of various … ages (cough). And from this exercise I’ve concluded that ingesting food beyond its “Best Before” date is relatively safe. I’ve noted that none says “Expiry Date“… which means totally different. Case in point … the crunchy peanut butter I’ve been having occasionally, which I just found out today expired in December 2013. This would explain the occasional bumps … but hey, no trips to the poison clinic!

Well there you have it, “Best Before” is like a suggestion … like posted speed limits. It doesn’t necessarily mean it’s inedible, it simply won’t be the best is all.¬† So if it’s not moldy or riddled with cockroach poop… bon appetit!


ps: Why won’t my autocorrect predict “cockroach”? Dirty minded app… assuming much?

Disclaimer: Heed to my statements at your own peril.


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