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Remember that time when you want to tell someone the truth about how they’re doing but you can’t because they’re important, so instead you stand there, patronizing, cheering them on pretending you dig the whole mess? Well, this isn’t one of those times. All T all shade.

VisionPROUD in collaboration with TFD Presents hosted what seemed to be a drag show-flavored political rally. From what I gather Vision Vancouver is a political machine geared towards getting Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson and a bunch of Representatives re-elected/elected in the upcoming local election. The event was intended to rally the troops, enlist volunteers, and show they’re LGBTTQ-friendly.

Tangent time: Can’t we just say LGBT? This growing acronym is getting really long … I mean, there should only be two umbrella classifications … gay and lesbians.

The event packed Celebrities Nightclub with lots of people! Young, old, … and people wearing skimpy shorts … it is a category on its own. I thought the place reeks with politicians. The mayor walked passed me … so close. He seemed friendly… I got starstruck for a few seconds then I realized he works for me. I’m glad to see my employee doing well lol. I really didn’t mind so much about the political side of the event … I was just there for the drag show. And I was curious about the mayor DJing.

BenDeLaCreme, of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season Six top five, was the guest star of the event. The mayor and Joan-E, local drag icon, co-hosted the event. It’s cool to know to have mayor who knows about Drag Race. Whoever pitched this project got my kudos.

VisionProud.Ben Dela Creme : 2014-07-28

Event co-host – Joan-E

Joan-E was the opening act, she sang a couple of songs live. She looked stunning in her sparkly sequined dress. She’s pretty good … no surprises there. BenDeLa performed three numbers.She sang twice and lip synced once. She did an interesting burlesque number … oh my. What’s a politically-driven event without a pep talk from a star? She got her marching orders, she delivered a rally-appropriate message.

Tangent Time: I like queens who can sing, but I totally don’t like big microphones covering half their face. I don’t really care if they can sing, I mean great produce an album and sell it on iTunes, but what I wanna see is some spectacle… without any obstructions… thank you very much. Otherwise, might as well wear a burqa. It’s like Courtney Act’s performance at R Place a couple of weeks ago … her face was covered by the microphone most of the time. Ugh.

Ben was so animated, I love it. She’s really tough to photograph. The good ones I got are mostly silly faces… and the ones with good face shots are photos that are not up to par with my expectations. Anyway, she’s very entertaining and nice to mingle … very friendly. I managed to snag a selfie with her… AND this time I get to deliver my message properly, after the second attempt … and the message was “You’re my top three!

DJ Mayor Gregor Robertson

After the drag show Mayor Robertson showcased his disk jockey talent. His choice of music was great. But the transition between songs could be smoother. It was rougher than a rocky road. I mean, you can’t dance to it or you’ll break a hip. But I give props to him for looking cool. He seemed to be having fun too.

When he introduced his “troops” to the audience … I spaced out. I’m really not big on politics. I like it how VisionPROUD was so prepared for this event. They even had a studio-like meet and greet section … with props for fans to use! There where a handful of photographers, and a videographer. There was even a nice lady from a local newspaper who covered the event. Her name is simple and easy to remember, uhmmm … Valentina? Or something. Anyway, she asked me who the second DJ was … she don’t know Del Stamp. Which is nuts because Del is a local star. Haven’t ya’ll heard? :)

To learn more about Vision Vancouver check out their site.

Anyway, great event for Pre-Pride! Check out some of the event photos.

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