Beatdown Ep 02 with Willam Belli

I was LOLing too much at the end of this episode that I had to say something about it.

For this episode of Beatdown with Willam Belli, Willam talked about curling using a straightening iron, a clarinet-playing pole dancer – whom I find very nice, I LOLed at Willam’s reaction :D, a hip-hop video about “man pussy” *shudders*, a really awkward but funny chiropractic ad … lot’s of cracking sound, and (drum roll) …

Tangent time: Ok, first … I’m glad Willam get to use “Beatdown” again. She temporarily changed it to “Wheatdown” due to “legal reasons” … why? I have no idea. But I’m glad its back. I came to know Detox Icunt, Miles Davis Moody, Vicky Vox, and Courtney Act as a result of following Willam’s YouTube channel. So, thanks gurl! Second, she’s really funny. She can be a diva sometimes (personal experience), BUT her Willam-isms and adlibs are worth it. Definitely worth it. And we can actually learn a think or two from this gurl. And third, her channel is probably one of three Drag Race-themed webisodes that’s worth watching … and, not to mention … consistent – the other two being “Alyssa Edwards’ Secret,” and newcomer “RuPaul’s Drag Race Fashion Photo RuView with Raja and Raven“, which I must admit … is a bit “scattered” at the moment with them going on a tangent reading social media pics … it’s just different when they read gowns from the show (and by the way, I started using “Ruview” way back in Drag Race Season five to summarize my thoughts on Instagram about the show’s episode… and wondered why they never thought of this word, now this).

Alyssa Edwards’ Secret! … unfortunately World of Wonder Productions didn’t gave Willam the permission to use the video material … so, Beatdown re-created the likeness of Alyssa using a sock, a huge paper lip, and fab lashes, and thirsty hair … lmao. That was too funny. She get what she wants. And that was such a genius move! I mean, Willam should do more of this … in fact, why not make it a co-host for the next Beatdown?!

LOL … check it out!


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