Pandora Boxx is “Different”

Pandora Boxx, RuPaul’s Drag Race Season (stop) … do I really have to write a freakin’ intro? … Google her… there! … just released her fifth single “Different” with matching official music video!

Ok, she’s no Kelly Clarkson … but so is Britney Spears! I actually like this song … for many reasons. First, I would consider this song a serious one. It’s a nice change from the usual slapstick-themed music that a lot of Drag Racers are producing lately — Willam Belli is notorious for this kinda shtick. I’m kind of tired of it, to be honest. Pandora’s previous songs where mostly about dicks and vagina, so this is very refreshing! It’s very Pride-theme oriented … the message is simple, well delivered, and the video is very on point. The LGBT community has been making great strides, albeit history-making change, in almost all fronts worldwide! So great timing for the song. #Appropriate. And speaking of video, this brings me to the second topic …

Holy smokes! This was obviously shot last May when Pandora was in town (Vancouver… BC!) for TFD Presents’ Monroe event. I’m so stoked to see local personalities … like Jerrica Jem Benton, cast member of  the very successful “SPICE GURLS Shadow Cast“, the fabulous Quanah Style, Micah Gilbert, Joey Gypsy Vanity, and more. Oh and … Peter Breeze as Assistant Director? Whoah. It’s awesome to see Vancouverites going places … keep up the sickening work guys!

Check out the music video for “Different” below. The single is now available on iTunes.


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