Vancouver RuPaul BOTS Was Stupendous!

All T, All Shade :)RuPaul’s Drag Race – Battle Of The Seasons : Vancouver Redux! A star-studded ensemble of drag queen alumnae from the worldwide famous RuPaul’s Drag Race show was back in Vancouver, British Columbia last Saturday for a one night show at the Commodore Ballroom. The event was organized by TFD Presents in cooperation with OutTV and Logo TV.

Tangent time: I have to give props to Tommy D, of TFD Presents, for bringing all these fabulous Drag Race stars in Vancouver. It’s amazing how frequent and how many drag queens from Drag Race have come to town because of him. So kudos and thank you!

The fabulous line-up included Bianca Del Rio, Manila Luzon, Ivy Winters, Adore Delano, Pandora Boxx, Darienne Lake, and Jiggly Caliente Brooks. The show was supposed to be emceed by Drag Race judge – Michelle Visage, but she cancelled … Bianca Del Rio took the hosting role and Pandora Boxx was added to the roster.

Tangent time: Okay, I’m no longer going to mention in my articles a long description about who the stars I’m talking about … it slows down the talk for no reason except to educate the reader. I don’t need fillers in my articles. I mean, if you don’t know who they are … Google them and read their backstory in Wikipedia. It makes writing the experience essay a lot smoother without an inline mini-bio! And … don’t boss me!

Anyway, the event was packed! The meet and greet was fun … though a bit chaotic since it was more of a mingle sort of format … like speed-dating, at least it felt that way for me. Ha! It was cool to see how orderly fans where and how they automatically form a beeline instead of a scrum. Vancouverites are so behaved. All of the queens were so nice and friendly, even Bianca – she was such an angel *thunder*. LOL ;)

To my great disappointment, Bianca didn’t sing nor did a death drop :) . She came out in all glammed clown galore. She read the audience and Pandora Boxx. The audience were in uproar! She called four audience members of specific attributes to join her on stage: a Lesbian, black woman, gay bottom, and an Asian. There were so many willing participants! But alas … she only picked the very short ones … surprisingly. Maybe that’s her thing? Each of them were asked to don a wig and lip sync. I love it when she reads each of them and then cracks up when they show off. So the Asian won.

Ivy Winters was the second to perform. She came out wearing a long sorceress costume … then with just a sheet of fabric in front of her, she changed costumes … three times! Wonder Woman, eat your heart out! That was a neat illusion … the audience were gagging. She looked so fabulous in her black gown, neon green, blue, and black dresses. LOL. For her second performance, she spun a plate on a long stick and then balanced the stick on her chin. She then juggled three glowing pins in the dark, juggled three huge daggers, and put out fire using her mouth. Whoah!

Darienne Lake was the third act. She was wearing her elephant costume. She did a mini-reveal where she opened up the robe-like dress to reveal a white … dress. She wore that costume on Drag Race, so it was cool to see it in person. Her mug is so flawless. The woman gives great face. Her lip sync and overall performance was actually pretty good. Her second lip sync was all about a big dick. LOL. It was funny … though a bit too racy. She looked really nice in her red sequined dress. :D

Pandora Boxx prance around the stage wearing a pink tutu, pink hair, and unicorn horn … say what now? She did a stand-up. To me was a bit risky since they have Bianca in the line-up. She acknowledge that predicament but she did her thing anyway. She’s funny … but I think it takes someone with a certain type of humor to get her shtick.

Darienne and Pandora did a duet performance later in the show. I really don’t know what it was all about but what got stuck in my head was Darienne carrying Pandora, them kissing, and Darienne dropping Pandora on the floor. It was a loud thud … funny, but then, Pandora posted on Instagram that she got a big ugly bruised out of it. Ouch!

Lovely Adore Delano sang live. She looked cute with her red hair, black gloves, animal print tube top, bedazzled jacket, rough cut denim shorts…(pause)… okay, this is NOT RuPaul’s Drag Race Fashion Photo RuView with Raja and Raven (stop). Adore did a couple of live solo performances. She kissed about four audience members … in the mouth, with tongue. Including a big lesbian she pulled from the stage and plopped on a stool. She had her way with her on stage … feeling, grinding, and kissing. So scandalous. So if a gay man and a lesbian make out, does it mean they’re straight? lol For her second number, she wore less. She taped her nipples X with black tape, spit fire, and then jumped off the stage. She actually doesn’t sound bad live. Although she’s kind of scary … with her raw post-teen energy. It’s easy to forget that she’s a very young dude, because she paints herself really well, then you get rammed on the face. I’ll explain. In her second performance, she jumped onto the audience in an attempt to crowd surf … without any cue or warning. So she pretty much rammed against me and another photographer at the end of the catwalk. She knocked off my flash diffuser and hit my lip with her boot, or my camera and it in turn hit my lip, because my upper-lip in front of my canine was bleeding – I checked after the show and it had a big gash. I tasted a lot of blood. She hit the ground … because the audience cleared her path … because, she didn’t gave any hint! She crawled back up on stage … with a bloody knee. Maybe from hitting glasses on the floor … or my canine? If that’s the case, I’ve personally marked Adore … with a scar! Yass!!! Eat it, ya’ll! It was an adrenaline filled experience … though I would prefer not to do it again. Thank goodness it happened in her last performance which was also the show’s final number, otherwise, I would’ve had trouble getting in the mood with blood in my mouth!

Manila Luzon did two performances. She first sang her single “Buy My T-Shirt“. And she was also very literal. She had a guy pull a rack full of “I *kiss* MANILA” t-shirts on stage and started selling them to the audience for $20 a piece. LMAO. It was hilarious. She explained that she better make some money, she’s from season three and there are more queens on Drag Race to compete with. A very real and valid argument. She sold out! LOL. For her second number, she came out in a full pink space monkey costume, complete with ray guns and a very nice pleated cape. I thought it was so entertaining.

Tangent time: I’m not a big fan of drag queens who come on stage with a big ass microphone blocking their face. It feels like they’re hiding behind it. We can’t see their face well, and photographs gets messed up. Okay, if they can sing, that’s fine … we know, sell it on iTunes. Use a small headset microphone or lip sync your song. It doesn’t matter. What matters is the show … the spectacle in all its glory. Fans are there for the look, the whole package … if it’s all about the song, then there’s no need for drag race. We’ll just listen to their song online. They don’t have to keep proving they can sing, it won’t matter if the performance is dull. Without any spectacle, it defeats the whole purpose of a drag show.

Finally, Jiggly Caliente Brooks did a couple of lip sync performances. She did a Gangnam Style dance towards the end of her first performance. She looks cute in her overall and executive dress outfits. She can move … I tell ya that. Her lip sync was also pretty good. I have to say that … based on the audience response, I think Jiggly beat Pandora. LOL #shade
So who won? Since this is a battle of the seasons after all … the verdict? (drum roll)

Live Solo Performance
Manila Luzon vs Adore Delano

Adore Delano vs Ivy Winters

Stand-Up Act
Pandora Boxx vs Bianca Del Rio

Funny Lip Sync / Gag
Darienne Lake vs Pandora Boxx vs Darienne/Pandora Duet vs Manila Luzon

Lip Sync
Darienne Lake vs Jiggly Caliente Brooks vs Ivy Winters

Illusion and Fantasy
Ivy Winters vs Manila Luzon

Dance Act
Jiggly Caliente Brooks vs Ivy Winters

Best In Show
Ivy Winters vs Manila Luzon vs Bianca Del Rio vs Adore Delano

RuPaul’s Drag Race Season Five WON!

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