Alyssa Edwards’ Vancouver Pride 2014 Performance Was … Hair-Raising

TFD Presents brought the house down with a fantastic line-up of dancing queens headlined by Alyssa Edwards. She was joined by one of West Hollywood’s’ top drag entertainer and MARCO MARCO fashion model – Rhea Litré, and Canada’s very own Cassandra Moore and Brooke Lynn Hytes.

The event was held at the renowned Commodore Ballroom in downtown Vancouver during Pride weekend (August 2) to a super packed venue.

Now, I watched the Marco Marco fashion show last October featuring drag queens mainly for the RuPaul’s Drag Race queens … but I never thought I’d ever meet some of them non-Ru Gurls. Like I didn’t know who Adore Delano then, except for the casting leak, … I really didn’t care back then, until now. And then there’s Shokra (featured in TFD Presents Rapture 2014 – VICTORY event) and Rhea Litré. I’ve seen a lot of posters of Rhea from GayWeHo on Twitter. I really didn’t know who she was but I’ve heard good things about her as a fierce entertainer. So it was pretty cool to watch them perform live. I’ve also seen Cassandra Moore’s performance from the Gotham event video some time ago and thought she was a pretty good performer. Brooke Lynn Hytes is new to me, her mug reminds me of Detox Icunt. :)

Tangent time: I like choreography … drag queens who can dance (or move) are amazing to watch. Lip syncing is great too, not so much with live singing though unless it’s up close. Movement, yes lots of it! are never boring to watch. It keeps you engage … and when they do a split or death drop, that’s icing to the cake. People need to realize that a death drop or a split aren’t easy to do, they are actually physically dangerous! And for entertainers to do that in full drag and tucked, hell… bow to them. It’s an effin show!

Brooklyn’s performance was razor sharp and she looked very classy … a fiercely painted lady :) Cassandra Moore was going full throttle sexy in her black and white two piece reveal. Rhea’s performance was very edgy and hip … with a hint of badass. As if I wasn’t stoked enough to watch these gurls put the stage on fire with their performances … here comes Alyssa. C’mon Miss Edwards! She looked so stunning in her … how should I describe it … Game Of Thrones dragon inspired dress? Her dress made her looked like she’s on fire. That’s the best I could do. LOL I like it how she performed for the camera … and ever so graceful. She knows how to put on a show … she can walk, oh she can walk on those heels … give face, hand, and oops, was that a jump split! BAM! I love! #Entertained. But wait, there’s more … she did another number, performing her song “Drop Dead Gorgeous” remix. She did it right. She lip sync her own song so she can do her choreography in full glory. We know she “sang” it … so there’s no point proving … perform bitch! Perform!!!! #Gag! It was so much fun.

Check out some of the shots I took from this event coverage.

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