Star-Studded Post-Pride Party featuring Courtney Act Rocked Commodore Ballroom

TFD Presents came out full swinging for VICTORY, the conclusion of its OLYMPUS Vancouver Pride 2014 line of shows, held at the Commodore Ballroom in downtown Vancouver.
A star-studded cast of drag queens from all over North America came together to create a magical Greek-themed show. Headliners included Courtney Act, Shokra, Rhea Litré, Cassandra Moore, and Vancouver’s very own Raye Sunshine! A complement of fine dancers from, I can only assume, Lux. Dance Company was the finishing touch to three great numbers.

The show was a lavish production loosely based on the Greek mythology about “Theseus and the Minotaur“. Cassandra Moore opened the show as Princess Ariadne. Her performance was flawless. I thought pulling the very long string from the mouth of a couple of dancers was an eye-popping moment. An intermission followed featuring Raye Sunshine as Medusa, and Rhea Litré and three muscular men and a curvy women as the gods of Olympus? I assume. It was so distracting with them wearing olive wreath and very skimpy clothes. Nice view. :) I can’t complain. They were all nice. Raye Sunshine’s whole makeup was so good it took so long for me to recognize her.

Courtney Act followed the intermission with a live solo performance and dance routine. I’m not sure at this point whom she was supposed to be but she looked great. It would’ve even been more fantastic if we where able to see her gorgeous face. Unfortunately her face was blocked most of the time by her huge microphone.

Finally, Shokra came on stage wearing a very intricate golden Minotaur costume. Her headpiece to me was reminiscent of her Maleficent outfit on the blue carpet in Los Angeles. But this time her horns were huge! It was a great tight look. It was the best look of the night in terms of costume (Raye Sunshine’s Medusa was the best makeup). Shokra was stomping on stage, doing choreography, and lip syncing. It was a great performance and great way to close the event.

Aside from the great performances, it was a biggest gathering of shirtless and mostly burly men lol, I must say. And I was smacked in the middle of it … or edge? lol It was my first Rupture attendance … and mainly because of Courtney Act, it’s all about the Drag Racers see, but it turned out to be an awesome event more than I expected. What’s more, I get to meet Rhea, Shokra, and again Cassandra. What are they going to do next year? :)

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