Bebe Zahara Benet Is … Drag Royalty

In celebration of its “30th Year Anniversary“, R Place Nightclub, one of Seattle’s prime intimate go-to nightclub for drag entrainment, is bringing RuPaul’s Drag Race royalty for two consecutive weekends this August for six nights of guaranteed pure drag entrainment. Event organizer, DJ Flow, snagged Bebe Zahara Benet for the first weekend, she’s on her last performance tonight, and Manila Luzon the following weekend (event details here).

Miss Benet, winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season One, made her Seattle gig debut last Thursday. She headlined an All Star Lashes cast; Robbie Turner, Ladie Chablis, La Saveona Hunt, and Amora Dior Black, with Celys St James Black. La Saveona Hunt opened up the show with her amazing choreography. Though for a while now, I noticed she’s been expanding her range by trying new things other than pure choreography. She’s adding props, acting, comedy, and drama in her performances. Keeping it fresh? Yes ma’am! It works! Amora Dior Black, one of R Place’s power dancers, went full throttle with her super tight choreography performances. Got to pay attention, or you’ll miss where she makes an entrance! Ladie Chablis was all glammed up, and gave the show that elegant “The Bodyguard” movie vibe. Celys St. James Black float on stage like a butterfly. She did amazingly well despite a bit of DJ’ing snafu. Robbie Turner, lol, she makes me laugh. I enjoy watching her “Off Off Broadway-ish” kind of performances. As always, audience and staff participation are key to her acts. I like it that she makes do with whatever she can grab onto, LOL. I especially like it when she gets a hold of a microphone. Her impromptu stand-up acts are hilarious! Last Friday she talked about her bladder ordeal, errr disaster, … how she tried to hold it up (or down) while scrambling to get inside her house, only to fall on the ground flat on her tummy … and just a like a water-filled balloon smashed on the grown … the “liquid” ejected from behind in full force like an F-16’s exhaust on takeoff. Bahahahahaha LOL … that’s the best I can describe it. Of course, what’s a story without re-enactment? I say, she should do more of this gig … half performance and half stand-up. Oh she loves her lesbians and Christians! :)

Bebe Zahara Benet wowed the audience with three amazing performances. She went primal on her first performance. She wore an elegant native costume adorned with feathers and glittery tassels … and going barefoot! She further glammed it up in her second performance wearing a laced dress … highlighting her curves in full glory. For the show’s finale, she was giving me Diana Rose in her bedazzled outfit and full afro lip syncing to a mix of her single “Face” and “Sissy That Walk” by RuPaul. The audience was up on their feet as she prance, vogue, pose, and gave full on Drag Race entertainment. Yes! She’s THE queen … the queen who set the bar for Drag Race! She’s still got it!

Social and meet and greet followed the performance. It’s awesome to see how personable she is. She seems very down-to-earth and warm. This queen has a very great sense of humor. While taking photos for the meet and greet, I gave hinted about the overhead light to their right – so they can look a little bit towards there and not away from it, for better exposure ;) Since then, she and others where like, “find the light!” LOL Hilarity ensued.

It’s great to meet Drag Race Season One contestants. And to see a lot of fans so stoked about them as I am, even makes it even more compelling to feature them more. I think they need to be in the spotlight more … more so that the show is about to go on its seventh season! It pays to look back and give tribute to those who paved the way. It is amazing to see how some of the queens from season one are still going strong to this day after so many seasons! Well, at least to those who are on my radar like Nina Flowers, Tammie Brown, Ongina, Rebecca Glasscock, and Bebe Zahara Benet.

C’mon RuPaul’s Drag Race Season One!

You can buy Bebe Zahara Benet’s single “Face” on iTunes by following this link.

Check out event photos below:

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