Willam Belli’s “The meWme Show” Was A Riot!

TFD Presents “MONROE” featured Willam Belli‘s “The meWme Show“. It’s Willam Belli’s first solo show since the breakup of DWV. So how was it? … here’s the T… (note: I did told Willam I’m gonna give her show a good review but we all know that’s boring, right? [edit: I actually don’t write reviews. I write about personal experiences, that’s why my articles are written this way :) ]) lol … so … all T all shade :)

First: I’m still not sure what “meWme” means aside from it’s something similar to “Mimi Imfurst” … “me Willam me!” I suppose it is. I think it’s catchy.

Tangent time: I could’ve asked her about it. I mean, she did asked the audience for questions … but, I didn’t want to because a.) I don’t like being put in the spotlight and b.) she had one “super” fan (I can only assume) who was kinda “vicious” at other audience members who made honest mistakes – like offering her vodka or rambling during the Q&A. I’m like, calm down woman and have a drink! I guess some fans think being overprotective with celebrities makes them bffs? Frankly, it ruins the experience for everybody else when people get confrontational in a event that’s supposed to be about humor!! Ok, maybe she had a few drinks? In that case, PUT. THE. GLASS. DOWN. AND. TAKE. A. PISS! :) I say this with love because I care.

Second: I think the show is still new and the format is still a work-in-progress? When a show rely on some audience participation for entertainment, like Bianca’s gig, it’s kind of a hit and miss for a couple of reasons a.) you may end up with a very subdued audience and b.) *pause* … I don’t have anything else lol. Anyway, … Willam sang live, throw shade, shared some T, pranced, read the other photographer (lol), read a drag queen who tried to sneak out, tried a few Bianca jokes, mingled with the audience throughout the event, … and kept her dignity (a lie) … there was mandingo talk. The whole show reminds me of “Willam’s Beatdown” … only it felt very impromptu (not a bad thing). She sang “Love You Like A Big Schlong“, and her part in “Boy Is A Bottom”  and “Chow Down (at Chic-fil-A)” LOL. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed it! The audience enjoyed it. Everybody was chiming in. Both songs were familiar and where big hits! But if she’s trying to prove that she can’t perform those songs without Detox Icunt and Vicky Vox … then she’s pretty convincing! I guess that’s why she’s doing a “remake” of “Boy Is A Bottom” … so it’s all hurrr. She gave a little preview of her Spanish version of “Boy Is A Bottom” with the help of a Spanish interpreter from the audience… I thought it sounded great!

Third: I’m quite surprised how very personable Willam is this time around. She’s usually very uhm … Hollywood-ish? I don’t want to use the real word. Willam is not Jujubee, for sure … but she was really very nice. I dunno … impersonator? (gasp)

Her mug and outfits where unspookable. No complains there. Willam Belli’s “The meWme Show” has great potential to be a really big hit. It was fun. I had fun. In fact, I was yelling all the time in between shots (photography not drinking) … even when everybody was dead silent while waiting for a punch line. I didn’t have to wait … I already got it! (brushes shoulders) Sometimes all a crowd need is a catalyst. What can I say? I’m an enabler. ;)

One thing is for sure, Willam Belli got star power … judging from the very decently packed event held at Heaven’s Door in Vancouver.

Oh, after the show she did her ALS Ice Bucket Challenge … but with a twist! I’m not going to give it away because it was really not part of the event. All I’m gonna do is post this shot. It was cute. She didn’t acknowledged anyone before water was poured onto (thrown at) her and didn’t say whom she’s challenging. Maybe it is gonna be a caption? And yes, she did it while in full drag. Way to go Willam!! :)


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Did I miss anything? What does “noextrai” mean? That I wanna know.

[ Update 2014-09-20 ]
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