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Skyler Baier, originally from Alberta, is making a name for himself in Vancouver through his works in the media as a TV correspondent, his support on various LGBTQ causes, and just by being very sociable :) … he is one of the most down to earth and friendliest Vancouverite you’ll ever meet.

All Roads Lead To Drag Race

He is the first Drag Race fan I’ve befriended since moving here in Vancouver years and years ago … many years. Yes, it all goes back to Drag Race, lol. I believe we became acquaintance during Sharon Needles’ first gig in Vancouver. Before that, I noticed him in other drag shows … and you know, it’s actually silly that event goers don’t know who the act is. When I ask them if they watch RuPaul’s Drag Race they’d say “What show?” What the heck? They’re just in the club to party and get wasted I guess. So when I tried to ask Skyler “the question” … while he was jumping up and down on the club’s cushioned bench, and being mindful that he could be underage because of his super boyish look (although the event is only for 21+, but you never know) … I was surprised he actually watch the show. And Vancouver is a small town, once you notice somebody you’ll see them everywhere. So it was great to actually share the experience with somebody who actually know what was going on!

Gay Bingo!

After that meet … I tend see his name popping up at various gay socials, shows, and charity events on Davie street, like Gay Bingo, so it’s kind of hard to miss anyone who’s frequently in the social spotlight. Nowadays, if he’s not busy crisscrossing North America for R&R he’d be on TV doing correspondent work, running marathons for a cause, or at an event playing a big role … like judging a pageant along side Courtney Act!

With all his success he still remains that same very personable fellow I meet years ago … and still a big fan of the show. :) We did a photo shoot a few weeks ago … he said he wanted to portray on camera what he can offer (that’s cue for *beep* *beep* *beep* ad lol), well, I had other ideas … stud and sex symbol maybe? lol. His build has changed, tougher?, but still very playful … well, check out the photo set. It reminds me of “Carly Simon: Live from Martha’s Vineyard” HBO concert special.

In Focus.Skyler


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