What’s The Tee With The Tee?

Listening to RuPaul’s “What’s The Tee?” with Michelle Visage podcast has become a road trip habit. It’s like going to Sunday mass, except it’s very honest and without the “brainwashing”. Whenever I drive down to Seattle I make sure I have all the latest episodes in my phone. It makes the three and a half hour drive from Vancouver seem short. Besides, I really can’t sit still at home long enough to finish an episode. And when I listen to audiobooks or podcasts, I have to have complete attention … or the details will fly over my head. I like the podcast because it validates some of my own personal beliefs. I actually learn some valuable life lessons from it, not just stuff about Drag Race. It’s a fast paced discussion, witty, very entertaining, and has a lot of tangents.

My only issue with listening to the podcast while driving is that, I can’t take notes while I’m behind the wheel. I try to commit my thoughts in memory … but it tends to get pushed once my brain cooks up another idea (sigh). Like, I had one pretty good question for the show but I completely forgot what it was. I knew it was gonna be something worth discussing … by my … oh, was that Starbucks? Pit stop!

Here are my takeaway from the last four episodes … F! I forgot what I wanna write about the last three episodes … thank you procrastination!

Episode 8 : 22 Inch Weave with Ts Madison

It’s been a while since I wanted to write something about this episode. I don’t have the time to listen to it again to recall what my thoughts where. But I had two takeaway from this episodes. First, set yourself goals and keep moving. I’m a very goal-driven person. I set long term goals all my life and it gave me direction. I experienced my “lost years”, where I felt I was in limbo, when I attained those goals and didn’t know what to do next. I didn’t want to do what other people suggested because for one reason or another they didn’t please me. It takes a while to pull oneself together and plan the next “big thing.” And you can’t force these things … they usually just come to you through a life-changing event, life situation, or from mere interacting with people. I have three big goals … and I can’t wait to get started. It’s always that first leap that’s the hardest, you know, getting out of your comfort zone. But I find that, through experience, bad things in life are often times blessings in disguise. No matter how dire the situation is, there’s always a silver lining. Trick is … to be on that wavelength and see it. Secondly, I like Miss TS Madison. We don’t judge people for their day job … that’s not right. And if people can go past that, we can actually learn a lot from their experience. There’s great value in other people’s life experiences … either to follow on their footsteps, or to avoid the pitfalls they had to learn the hard way. In any case, we make our own life experiences. What can be bad for other people may prove to be a successful one for you. But it pays to keep notes and tuck them in the back of your mind for future reference. I’ve taken a few notes from Miss Madison – you won’t see me doing drag or adult videos, lol, its not like that. She has a very colorful life history … resiliency and tenacity of the human spirit, but more than anything else, she’s smart and enterprising … like François Sagat or Shangela Laquifa Wadley. I admire people who don’t wait for opportunities to happen … they make them happen. Miss Madison was “touched” by “the universe” … and that got her into her business now. I think we all have that fairy godmother at some points in our lives, who nudge us in the right direction, and I’m thankful for them. Mentors, praise them … praise them all.

[ Update ] I just remember one thing. When Miss Madison was explaining to RuPaul how he changed her and other people’s lives by doing what he does, his reply was “Ok, well, you know…” LMAO yeah, no big deal. Yes, he always says that he’s doing what he does because he likes colors, music, and laughing … (and gets paid for it) and that he doesn’t care if he’s a role model, and if people get something good from what he does, then that’s great but it’s not his driving force. I personally don’t think RuPaul gets the magnitude of his influence to the universe just by existing. His words has great influence on my “sanity” … and the things that I do. And I know for a fact that he has influenced positively a lot of people that I know. But it’s not like I want RuPaul to acknowledge it in tears or anything … it’s simply something worth noting. So carry on! :)

Episode 9 : Making it Last with Jamal Sims & Tom Campbell

This episode was okay, it’s not the best. But it’s cool to learn some backstory with people behind the show. I’m actually quite surprised to learn that RuPaul didn’t cook up the idea of RuPaul’s Drag Race … but you know, thank goodness for them :)  More on this later …

Episode 10 : Objectification with Miles Davis Moody & Jason Carter

This is the role reversal episode. Where RuPaul and Michelle Visage became the interviewee. lol Jason Carter is cut out to be a host, he is very engaging and conversant. I like the flow of his thoughts and the way he talks … he’s got it. I really have to listen again to this episode to say something more … meaty … since the only thing I wrote on my notes are “Twins. Overshadowed. Buy Tylenol next pit stop.”

Episode 11 : Becoming the Observer of Your Mind

So far this is one of the best episodes for me because it has a lot to do with self-preservation and self-conditioning. When RuPaul said “You are responsible for your own happiness” I had severe goosebumps. Somebody said to me those words about a decade ago when I was soul-searching. It’s true, you can’t rely on other people to make you happy! Happiness MUST come from within. If you can’t self-tertain yourself, how the hell can you entertain somebody else? :) #cheeky. Which is unfortunately the case for so many young people these days. The need to get peer approval to boost self-esteem, and constant company to do anything. I am all for doing things right; word of honor, integrity, consistency, and all that … and it grinds my gears when I follow the rules and others don’t. It simply boils my blood. When RuPaul finds himself in a situation where he gets ticks off by people breaking the rules, like slow pokes driving on the fast lane, he ask himself “Do you wanna be right or you wanna be happy?” It’s the perfect question to remind one’s self that people can’t help themselves. We can’t control everything, it’s just the way it is. When people behave badly (like the younglings), I say to myself “They’re kids, they’re allowed to make silly mistakes.” I mean, I wasn’t born as an adult, if I were … that would be a weird birthing. It’s okay to get the blues every now and then, but the trick is to not dwell on it too long. There are a lot of “tricks” to keep the blues and misery away … make yourself busy with hobbies or some kind of safe fun interest, like enjoying a favorite show. If it boosts your spirits up, that’s it. Michelle and RuPaul spoke about talking themselves verbally out of an emotional slump. I do that too … RuPaul’s loud “Snap out of it!” is always effective. Or when I sense I’m going down the Rabbit Hole, I say “What are you doing? Enough!” Or when bad thoughts start to seep in I say to myself “NO!” I learned that if you wish for something, the universe listens. It pays to be careful what you wish for. Not wanting bad things to happen, I say “NO!” So you can imagine me watching a drag show saying out loud “What are you doing? Enough! No! Snap out of it!” Bahahahaha! It’s not the performer, its me. Makes you wanna call the cops doesn’t it? LMAO … I’m kidding! ;) Yes, I think verbally refocusing yourself is very effective, at least for me. And then you act on it, you go out and do something. Viva su vida!

It just dawned on me, while listening to all these episodes, that RuPaul had a lot of therapy. I suppose we seek help whenever we can. I just don’t trust therapists … I prefer to talk about personal things to people whom I can trust, like family or close friends. It’s more genuine to me … and not some stranger putting you on a timer (based on my observations in movies that I’ve watched).

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