Let The Music Play With RuPaul : Sissy That Walk

Whenever I see a new RuPaul and World of Wonder gig Mike Ruiz’s words comes to mind …
Here we go again Ru“. RuPaul said it herself that she’s going to ride the success of RuPaul’s Drag Race for what it’s worth. And she has. RuPaul and World of Wonder has produced RuPaul’s T-Dance, RuPaul’s What’s The Tee? with Michelle Visage, RuPaul Drives, and now … Let The Music Play With RuPaul. The show is an in-depth look at the music, and the friends and family of World of Wonder. That’s a broad scope. I like behind the scenes … or more appropriately, backstories and insights into their creative process of “stuff” they produce. Who knows, maybe RuPaul will share more secrets about Drag Race controversies … like, Willam’s disqualification or even BenDeLaCreme’s exit :)

Let The Music Play with RuPaul is basically an informative self-promoting show, like a product add-on (something extra) or “infomercial”. :) The show is not very long, so those with attention span issues can watch the episodes in a single sitting. So far, my favorite shows World of Wonder has produced that is related to Drag Race are “What’s The Tee? With Michelle Visage” and “Alyssa Edwards’ Secret.” They’re well produced, fun, and informative. “RuPaul Drive’s” is a runner up. It’s fun, but the show rely heavily on guests. Whereas, the other two are more like regular radio shows. They talk about random topics but guests are optional.

Tangent Time: What would be great though? A RuPaul Radio Talk Show (redux) that will combine all these smaller shows together … with What’s The Tee? at its core. That would be a nice show to tune-in to … or even a YouTube well produced show – complete with a professional set (green screen, stools, and good lighting … well, maybe big fans for added effect … and the occasional artificial smoke). So between this and RuPaul’s kazillion other gigs, does she even sleep? :) Probably … not.

For this debut episode of “Let The Music Play” RuPaul talked about her single “Sissy That Walk“,¬† where she got the idea from and the lyrics backstory. But in all honesty, I don’t mind what RuPaul talks about … watching the Queen motha’ is enuf! :D

Watch the show here …

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