BenDeLaCreme … Unravelled, Burlesque Style

The show I’m about to talk leans on the burlesque style of entertainment. So due to the “graphic” nature of the content, all inline photos will be in black and white. :) lol … just humor me on this, okay?

BenDeLaCreme just concluded her three-day sold out show, Terminally Delightful, last Saturday. The show was held at the West Hall, Oddfellows building in Seattle. Due to popular demand they had to open a second show on the last run date, with just minutes to reset after the first show! The show was the work of DeLouRue Presents – a trio made up of Seattleites’ BenDeLaCreme, Kitten LaRue, and Lou Henry Hoover.

Tangent Time: This is sort of groundbreaking for me. This would be my first theatrical drag show photo coverage. And my first stage play event (audience or cast) since my first and only (accidental) involvement in a stage play in University yeaaaars ago! Something to do with hanging out with friends who do theatrical stuff and getting cast due to a cast member who all a sudden got “sick”. Peer pressure at its finest. Perhaps that’s why I don’t watch theatrical shows? lol Though, this is not my first burlesque event, unfortunately. Search for Geekenders on my site … it was only a few months ago even. Ugh. Thanks to the persistent suggestion of some friends in Seattle, I finally decided to watch Terminally Delightful. Peer pressure again. Imagine that. In any case, I’m glad I did. :) Frankly, I wouldn’t have gone had there been no drag racer. #truth

The event narrative has a very nice uppity summary about the show :) … but I’m not going to quote that. Nor will I describe and critique the show in detail for each performances, that’s tiresome. No spoilers! It’s all about the experience.

To me, show was like a BenDeLaCreme unraveling … burlesque style. It was like a tour into her world … through interpretative dance, song, and gags woven into a seamless drag extravaganza.

Tangent Time: BenDeLaCreme was not my choice to win RuPaul’s Drag Race Season Six, it was Courtney Act, lol. We all know how this turned out. But BenDeLaCreme was in my top three. And yes, I did throw a brief fit and Twitter tirade when she got eliminated … I mean, seriously, Darrienne Lake and Adore Delano are better than BenDeLaCreme? C’mon! Template? Look at effin’ Bianca Del Rio! She and BenDeLaCreme were practically cut from the same pattern! Ok, the latter got bigger boobs, but still. Anyway, the show is over, so we all can be friends. The trouble with some fans telling others to get over the show’s drama is that, unless RuPaul’s Drag Race airs another episode where the contestants are all friends again, the only thing fans will ever remember are the video edits World of Wonder made. So deal with it … too! Don’t forget, LogoTV and OutTV do reruns … pulling bandaid from the wound? Yes. And rub salt on it. Deal. With. It! Scream! It will hurt.

I have seen bits of BenDeLaCreme’s … show, when she did a gig in Vancouver for the city (search my site for the article). And if you do event photography, you know how challenging it is to get great photos of her. This is mainly due to her lightning choreography, funny faces, microphone, and the lighting. I had to practice taking quick shots for this gig. lol … well, by taking photos of drag performances at a local nightclub.

Anyway, having seen her perform twice I can now spell her name correctly, and in proper caps! For the longest time I had trouble trying to figure out how the hell she writes her drag name. So thank you! It took me a while to get used to her drag voice, mainly because I “hate” the Karen Walker character’s voice in “Will & Grace”, it sounded fake and forced … and she’s not even a drag queen! Though, she’s funny … especially when she’s being demeaning. :) But I do adore BenDeLaCreme’s Drag Race interview intonation … that sustained initial phrase followed by a rise and fall towards the end reminds me of San Francisco’s rolling suburbs.

I can’t remember much of the dialogue (monologs), because I was focusing on my photography, but I can vividly recall the performances. I love love love her “attempt” at lip syncing … hear choreography attempt to match the slow and fast pitch was hilarious. The tassel bit was so funny … something about swaying long tassels on the tip of multiple layers of bra is so amusing (don’t get any ideas!!). Of course, her Miss Congeniality bit was hilarious … I like it when drag queens talk about the show … it doesn’t matter if they’re gloating or being bitter, insider stories are always welcome. Of course, there’s the baloon bit, a precursor to the tassel act … that was funny. Having to come out with all the balloons popped, and the look on her face. #gag :) The impersonations were pretty damn good, I would have appreciate them more if only I knew who they all where … well, there’s Michelle Visage, whom I thought was spot on.

Something new …

The act where she wore a black jumpsuit and trying on various face stick-on combinations was funny … though I was a bit puzzled at first. I suppose it was her trying to come up with a character that works? The Eminem (BeMiNem?) solo performance, with matching rad hoodie, was great!

My new favorite performance are the ones with the BenDeLaCreme triplets. :) … waving long ribbons in the air is so British! I think. Isn’t it? Who were those two ladies? I don’t see their names on the event’s page. They where great at being BenDeLaCreme. When they both tried to lift her and she just tiptoed, I was balling … cried. lol Subtle things that makes one LOL are so precious.

All in all, I think the show is very clever. Especially tying everything to phone call Q&A from “random” people. It’s a funny show. No, it wasn’t a stand-up act, but the physical comedy were all high caliber. I give extra kudos to BenDeLaCreme and her backup performers for performing in a very warm theater. There where huge fans, but it was blowing warm air. She was drenched! And to do a second round? Her padding must have soaked tons of sweat! So to borrow Laganja Estranja’s words … “Props to you momma!” Well done!

PS: Thanks for the photography opportunity. It was a lot of fun!

Event photographs …. on site: show | b&w,  Facebook lovers: show | b&w


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