What The F Have I Gotten Myself Into? The Evil Dead

Okay, first thing’s first … this is NOT a GOP or an NRA convention! This is a themed event at the Rio Theatre in Vancouver. A “Sam Raimi’s Original Evil Dead Trilogy Marathon!!” … three movies, “The Evil Dead” (1981), “Evil Dead 2″ (1987) and “Army of Darkness” (1992), plus raffles, a costume contest, and … stuff!

Okay, I’ll try to tie the three films together. In the first movie, they crashed in some random cabin in the woods where they found an evil book, which was unearthed by an archeologist in some quarry, with which incantations released evil spirits into our world that got this franchise started. In the second movie, the archeologist’s daughter and her boyfriend went to the cabin to look for her parents, on the way they run into two locals who end up joining them … a bunch of people got killed. She managed to recite the incantations that opened a time portal sending the evil spirits, furniture, car, dirt, scandalous trees, and the lead character back into the netherworld, earth’s medieval past? For the third movie, Ash, the lead character, got trapped in the past and the only way he can go back to his time is to find the evil book and have the local priests’ read the spell, to do just that – send him back in time (cough) … (pause) … does this sound like “Samurai Jack” to you? #Spoiler Alert! (if you are still living in 1992) … he managed to go back home … and to his “rewarding” job at some warehouse store, possibly Wal Mart. The end.

Tangent time: Until last night, I’ve never seen any of these movies. I mean, I never really watch “cheap” and poorly produced movies until I started subscribing to Netflix, I mean … my lowest of low movie experience was when I was watching “ThanksKilling” (2009) on Netflix. Seriously, wtf? I’ll never get those 210 minutes of my life back (well 210 because I watched it three times) … but you know, that’s what you get from drinking … tea. Then we have these Shark-themed and Octopus-themed petarded movies. I never watched those … well, okay, just the first one with Debbie Gibson because I’m a fan of her and was curious about her acting skills. That movie sucks sweaty balls!

Anyway, I realized that the only way for me to appreciate the movie was to focus on certain elements and not in its entirety … otherwise, I’d gouge my eyes out, rip my own guts and start eating it. Yeah, that awful. I like how the shots where done in the first movie, some gave me really neat ideas for future projects. Close-ups and facial expression of Ash was funny. Oh… and the idea of trees raping a person does seem a bit strange and curious … talking about a big wood going at it with you, doesn’t it give you the tingles … err… I mean, shivers? The second movie, I thought they cast Carly Simon as the female lead (pause) … Oh and the time portal was done pretty good. Fly through sequences where done quite well. It reminds me of Bram Stoker’s Dracula … and you know how much I like vampires and werewolves! (cheeky awkward grin) The cinematography quality of the third movie was really great! That’s it.

ps: I thought the lead character (Ash) reminded me of Brandon Lee, Bruce Lee’s only son. They’re both gone btw. Oh and there will be a musical version of the first movie. It will take place here in Vancouver. The “Ash” character for the upcoming musical was at the event promoting the musical. He’s nice. :)

Photos of the event: on site gallery | Facebook lovers


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