Presenting.Trinity Kardashian Bonet

Trinity Kardashian Bonet, RuPaul’s Drag Race Season Six alumna, is currently on her debut gig in Vancouver, British Columbia. She headlined a show last night at Heaven’s Door on Bute and Davie, and today will be performing a benefit performance for ScotiaBank AIDS Walk for Life Vancouver. The two day event was organized by TFD Presents.

Trinity debuted her new Beyoncé lip sync performance last night. It was an amazing extended performance! She looked so fabulous in her brand new outfit. She was kicking it to high gear … that not even the tiny bit warm venue stopped her. She was sweatin’, werkin’ for her money. :) Such a trooper. Her first performance was also amazing. She wore a pencil dress, I dunno what you call these things, lol… but she was still moving… a lot! Can’t keep a dancer from dancing.

When she started talking to the audience, right after her second performance, it felt like untucked. I mean, the manner in which she talked to some fans was the real deal. She was not my pick to win on the show, again .. Courtney Act, and we know how that ended … lol, and I kinda “read” her for being given way too many “chances” by RuPaul… but, I simply adore her for her super fishy mug, her bravery for coming out about her condition, and her amazing lip sync performances. She is living life!

Kudos to her! Best of luck … and thanks for the photo opportunity! :)

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Check out my impromptu photo shoot with her. You have to realize it was basically shot in the dark, in thick artificial smoke … anyway, she’s a pro. Enjoy!

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