American Apparel Ad Girls … Fantastic!

Willam Belli, Courtney Act, and Alaska Thunderfuck are American Apparel’s latest spokespersons in their latest apparel ad campaign. This is another major breakthrough for the RuPaul’s Drag Race show, drag, and LGBTQ in general. Having this queens booked in a major ad campaign for a major brand on a national level is amazing! Kudos to American Apparel!

I am so impressed by Alaska Thunderfuck’s look for this ad. Her look is already very polished but it usually leans more towards the spent-movie-star-meets-courtney-love look. To see her in a really glammed up, “toned down”, and very fresh look … I’m blown away. She looks very immaculate. :)

Now, Willam being Willam won’t just let this gig go to waste without cashing in for what it’s worth … a song and music video? Why not!

American Apparel Ad Girls” sounds great! It’s catchy. Willam and Courtney, who both can sing, cleverly blended Alaska’s (who can’t really sing … wait, she’s actually singing in this song, whoah!) distinct speaking voice with their own … and it works! The music video is sexually supercharged … crotch bumps and everything LOL … its very Willam.

Check out the music video below:

“American Apparel Ad Girls” is available on iTunes.


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