MARCOMARCO Collection Three – Amazing, But …

MARCOMARCO has done it again! Collection Three, a.k.a. “Slut Goes To The Moon”, is a fabulous mix of vibrant colors and interesting mix of materials (leather, vinyl, latex, and fabric) all put together in unconventional design patterns that rely heavily on nude illusion. Now … add a converted cathedral in downtown Los Angeles to the mix, The Vabiana, include a long list of top RuPaul’s Drag Race alumnae, add a handful of high caliber drag queens, slip in a few really slender men, and top that with a bunch of really toned guys … what do you get? An epic fashion event!

MarcoMarco and his team did a great job. Very unique high-end designs, amazing runway, great venue, … and a great presentation. It’s awesome to see new Ru-gurls in the mix; Sharon Needles, Roxxy Andrews, Raven, April Carrion, Trinity, Sonique, and Milk. It’s also cool to see Derrick Barry :D … Of course, it’s great to see again Manila Luzon, Alyssa Edwards, Detox, Raja, Rhea Litre, and the Only Mayhem. I like it this time around because now I’ve meet most of them in person at least once. :) Carmen Carrera wasn’t in the line-up, I’m not really bothered by it. Marco Marco’s second collection was instrumental in catapulting her to the fashion runway arena … I would dare say it helped legitimized her stake in the field. I dare anyone say it didn’t.

Marco Marco’s team teamed up this time with World Of Wonder, which to me isn’t really a big surprise after his second collection’s huge success last year. I especially like the behind the scenes interview they published on WOWPresents on YouTube. It was a neat idea. It’s great to know how much effort they put into events like this. It makes people appreciate the final outcome even more, at least it does for me.

Now, all that accolade and praise aside … :) I have to be honest… lol. This was a very important fashion event and the only video they could publish on YouTube was a 720p? Come on! Where’s the high definition? The REAL HD! The video direction was a bit off … tight shots, weird angles … I think whoever took the shots was confused whether they should prioritize shots of the whole outfit or they simply want to focus on the personality. Too much special effects and blurred slow motion. Okay, who ever edited the video obviously want to make it look cool, but damn, I wanna see the outfit too without having to be bothered by pointless transitions! The center camera could’ve been tilted up a tiny bit … so their heads aren’t cut off all the time. Do you really take tight shots this much in fashion shows? Ugh. I believe they’re showcasing the outfits and not the models? I mean, look … Alyssa Edwards was all a blur! There was never a clear focused shot of her … tight or wide shot! What gives?! Collection Two video is more superior in terms of coverage … and I don’t think they even tried too hard to direct it. It’s a fashion show! It’s quick! Do hard transitions between viewpoints … it’s not a freakin’ music video! I was looking forward to see Derrick Barry strike a pose … and what did they do? Blur the her arms the F off … like she’s about to fly, it’s so frustrating to watch. The lighting could be better too. (sigh) At least, I get to see a glimpse of the clothes and the personalities … I guess I’ll just have to wait for the sharp solo stills later.

Anyway, video direction and editing aside … its an amazing collection and presentation! Check it out!


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