Enter “Spartacus”!

“Spartacus”, a show created by Steven S. DeKnight and filmed in New Zealand, is my new favorite show! :) Before I go on and on about this fantastic show … let me step back and recall how I found out about it …

Tangent time: You know, I have this thing for shows and movies about ancient mythology – Greece, Rome, or made-up, dark and stylish cinematography, deep colors, evenly paced storytelling, … and tasteful homoerotic scenes. Yes, I’m down with that.¬† (coughs) Shows and movies like “The 300″, “300 : Rise of an Empire”, “Game Of Thrones”, “Immortals”, and perhaps, to some extent, the “Vikings”… to me are exciting to watch. I can’t help but admire the visuals … grand panoramic shots, etc. Enter “Spartacus” …

I found out about this show just four days ago when I was Googling about the “Terminator” franchise … yeah, I’m a huge fan of Arnold and that movie franchise. I read somewhere that a new trilogy is in the works, with Jai Courtney playing Jon Conner. Of course I Googled him … and of course I first looked at the long collage of images! I got curious about his gladiator photos (and the full frontal nudity), naturally, … and I was like “Huh…” … and the rest was history. :)Spartacus!

I just finished watching “Gods of the Arena” prequel. It’s amazing! Okay, there’s a lot of nudity (full frontal even) and blood … but all of these Rated R scenes where done tastefully. They do serve their purpose … help tell a story and keep you on the edge of your seat … and glued to it lol.¬† There are straight, gay, and lesbian bed scenes … and not once I winced! It seemed very natural to watch … the characters hang out in the nude, touching each other (clears throat), or walk around (or lay on the floor) with everything expose … I mean, everything. You an pause the frame if you like lol. There’s no straight, gay, lesbian … just people (pause) having fun, with each other. (cough) The intensity of the erotic scenes are only matched by the ferocity and brutality of the fight sequences. And again, they’re done with such tact that they don’t come across as too gory. Shock factor not required. It is simply an amazing visual. Computer generated background and panoramas don’t look cheap either.

The costumes were all exquisite. Yes, so much exposed skin. The slave outfits looked aged and believable, it’s not as if they’re trying too hard to look sexy. I’ve seen some shows where character outfits and makeup looked too fake and clean, but not this one. I didn’t mind that the men’s loincloth and pouch (blush) and how they were really made to be so big … suggesting that they’re packing ginormous goods … lol. I thought, maybe it’s like a squirrels mouth where they pack extra nuts ;) (I’m laughing at myself after that last sentence, actually).

Now, what’s really great about this show … aside from the visual feast, is the brilliant script. They don’t talk like how people normally talk. It’s almost poetic … like, as if its a “Romeo and Juliet” play, but not cheeky. They didn’t sound like Yoda … at all. It’s actually easier to grasp what they’re trying to say in short sentences. One might think that’s how they talk back then in Biblical times. “I will have words.” Batiatus said to his father. “As will I“, Titus replied. Ha! Or when Melitta said to Gannicus, played by the extra ravishing Dustin Clair (sighs), “… because despite my words, I stand as weak.” just before she kissed him, on the mouth. Then they try to have sex. “Try”… because they didn’t get to. She coughed blood and died.

This show utter the words “seed”, “cock”, and “fuck” so many times … it makes the “Howard Stern Show” look like a Disney show. There is so much homoerotic scenes in this show per episode that I can’t … (pause) … however, I must. And I can … take it.

Again, everything was done tastefully.



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