The Robbie Turner Revue … A Class Act

This show was long overdue. BAM! That’s my opening sentence. She can sing live really well, she can prance and dance like it’s no big deal, she can host :) , and she has this uncanny ability to utilize an audience as a prop to her act … she’s got it all. She’s not just a force to be reckoned with, no … she’s beyond that… she’s … the apocalypse! In. the. flesh!

Tangent Time: Every time I watch a show at R Place, where she’s a mainstay performer, I always look forward to her cozying up with the microphone. Why? Children … I’ll tell you why. She makes me laugh out loud. She is a natural stand-up act, like … *pfft* *flips imaginary long blonde locks* no effort at all. I like her angle … Christians, lesbians, and straight people … #fresh. Well it’s about goddamn time, right? And it’s not toilet humor even … it’s clean and sanitary … you can eat on it. (pause) … because, it’s sanitary? Sometimes I think she’s telling a serious story but it just comes across as a funny anecdote. :) lol Her comedic timing with matching facial expression … is impeccable. So I’ve always thought that she should do a stand-up comedy show (search my previous articles of her, I’ve said it more than once!). She must. She’s got it, the “C” factor. lol ;) Not the other “c” or that “c” … slut. Robbie Turner, just the mere mention of her name makes me giggle inside. It conjures images of a drag queen hopping on an unsuspecting audience’s lap (pause) … or shoulder, or riding on some hot guy’s back, on stage … of course. :)

So when I heard rumors of her doing a solo show, I was like … finally! And I thought I had to go and see! Her debut show last September 28 was sold out! Duh! Luckily, a new slot was opened ;) for October 5th! It was tricky because it fell on a Sunday, it could’ve been worse … it could’ve been held on a weekday! Anyway, I didn’t know what to expect, as I haven’t read any articles or seen any photos from the previous show. I really don’t associate the Hard Rock Cafe as a venue for drag-related gigs … so this was kinda “new-ish” thing for me.

Hard Rock Cafe, conveniently located on Pike street in Seattle, was easy to find … but a bit challenging with the parking. No worries I have my secret parking spots ;) … so problem solved. Always have a plan and two backup plans. The show’s venue was surprisingly very spacious and well suited for the event. And a bar was conveniently located in the middle of the floor … go figure. It’s a nice setup. You can order food and drinks while watching the live show! And if you have to go … it’s located on the same floor as well! You know … the … it.

When you watch drag race for so long, including repeats, or have seen other personalities do stand-up, you kind of have this idea on what a stand-up show is gonna be like. So I thought she’s going to come out on stage with a microphone and tell some jokes, and call it a day. I was wrong. What I witnessed wasn’t a stand-up, it was a full on off off Broadway show … well, I  haven’t been to one, but that’s how I imagine what it would be like. lol :) #expectations #destroyed There was live music, excellent dance performances, hot guys and fancy girls, fabulous outfits, a sketch, and best of all … Robbie get to do her signature acts too! It was so much fun! The energy was great! Robbie Turner and The Turner Classics, a group of fine performers, Jordan Jackson, Bo Mellinger, Justin Ramsey, Tori (Spero) Dullenty, and Katy Tabb … were very entertaining. These guys and gals … can belt it out.

Photography-wise, the only challenge for me was working with the low light, or the blue and red flood lights. Event photography and no flash, coupled with blue or red flood lights equals … low yield. So I had to move around to be able to get the shots I needed. Or wait for white lights before taking shots. Yes, I’ve missed shooting some really cool numbers, but that means I’ll just have to watch it again. :)

It was a blast. So kudos to Robbie Turner and the Turner Classics … and team! Bravo!

The Robbie Turner Revue’s third show is coming up fast this Sunday November 16. It is a must see show! I would say this … Robbie’s show can easily rival, even best, some of the shows produced by RuPaul’s Drag Race alumnae. It is that good. Get your tickets … NOW!


Event photos: on site, better resolution | Facebook lovers


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