RuPaul’s Drag Race – Most Memorable Premiere Entrance

RuPaul’s Drag Race Season Seven is upon us! Well, in at least six weeks from now. There’s no “official leak” yet about the new batch of queens who will compete for the title “America’s Next Drag Superstar“! So we’ll have to make do with reruns and marathons! :) So while watching past episodes, season after season, I can’t help but appreciate how the show presents the intro in premiere episodes. It’s very dramatic and thrilling to watch. Then … that excitement is followed by the contestant reveals. Each entrance is like opening a Christmas present, you don’t know what you’re gonna get. You get sick from anticipation! It’s awesome to watch the contestant’s reaction to the season’s very first She-Mail, and top if off, their reaction to RuPaul’s first in-person appearance! It’s great television!

First impression is everything! It’s not only the show’s contestants who scrutinize each queen emerging from the Werk Room door, nope … the fans too are in it! Some Werk Room entrance are memorable and some not so much. Ever since the show removed the door, since season five, the show’s contestants are able to make a more dramatic entrance, they’re no longer constrained by the surprise killer … the opening and closing of the Werk Room door!

These are some of the most memorable Werk Room entrance from season one to six! This is based on how they look, what they said – great or awkward, and overall impact. So without further ado …

#11 Milk (Season Six). “Milk, she does a body good girl.” Her look got me saying “El Toro! El Toro!” lol. I can only wish she does this kind of mug more often. That’s all.






#10 Courtney Act (Season Six)
. “Is this America’s Next Top Model?” I thought her playful entrance where she pretend she was coming to a different show, stepped out, and ran back in was very cutesy. Cheeky, but cute. :)






#9 Darienne Lake (Season Six)
. “They gotta widen the doorways, and reinforce the runways honey
because the big girl’s in the house!” LOL quite a long entrance announcement but how she said that last word … made everything work! Its a glimpse to her winning role, Scary Head In a Box, in the “Scream Queens” episode.






#8 Gia Gunn (Season Six). “Just got off the boat, you know? A little trip from Asia just like fresh tilapia.” Now, who doesn’t like tilapia? Especially if it’s deep fried, and with a little soy sauce and lemon for dipping? LOL I think she single-handedly made the word “tilapia” sound very hip and mainstream … for a cheap fresh water fish … that’s quite a step-up! Ha! Though, her look … err, her accessory, that huge hola hoop bag, … deserved all the credit. lol






#7 Milan (Season Four). “Hey there’s a new girl in town, let’s get to business.” Her “pimp look” and that entrance announcement, was all so very cheeky … dare I say, awkward? But it worked! It made her stood out from most of the contestants who sorta just casually walked in. And I kid you not, I say that at work whenever there’s a new hire in my department. lol :) They don’t get the reference, of course.






#6 Alaska Thunderfuck (Season Five). “Hieeee!” She made that greeting even more popular. It’s infectious and fun. Though, her … wearing that horse mask … bam! Nailed it. It’s just very unusual and unexpected. The dress wasn’t even that great … but her gimmick worked!






#5 Tammie Brown (Season One). “Popcorn and cracker jack.” lol Ok, let me explain. First, the show was still figuring things out in season one. The Werk Room wasn’t very stellar then compared to how it is now, even when compared to season two. But you gotta respect the show’s humble beginnings. And second, I don’t think the queens really thought out anything other than going to a competition and try to win something. It’s not like queens in later seasons where they already figured things out, or at least have some sort of expectation, like they got their single and merchandise ready just in time for the show’s premiere! The girls in season one are the show’s real pioneers … and they deserve better, however that’s gonna be realized. Anyway, Tammie … lol, she’s a cooky gurl. After she walked in, and giving that silly face with matching thumbs up, she had this short banter with Shannel, it went like this:

Shannel: What’s going on?
Tammie: This show!
Shannel: Crazy huh?
Tammie: Popcorn and cracker jack!

Who says that?! LOL and for that and her cooky first impression, she lands on the fifth spot! Go Tammie!





#4 Pandora Boxx (Season Two). “Hey Fake Ladies!” That entrance had so much pizzazz that I wonder where it went as season two progressed. She was very intriguing and jolly on the show. And for the energy she brought in her Werk Room announcement she takes the fourth spot!






#3 Sharon Needles (Season Four). Well, she didn’t say anything as soon as she entered the Werk Room … she just sneered. Her look was like that of Alaska, or … the other way around, actually, it was very different and totally unexpected. Who wears a witch costume to a top caliber drag show anyway? Sharon Needles. It was strange, different, really out of the question … and it worked! She later said “I look spooky but I’m really nice, at least for now.” Then she went on to win the title. Ha!






#2. Raja (Season Three). Raja didn’t say anything on her entrance either. She just smiled as she walked in wearing her cyclops hat. She wasn’t even “dressed to impress” no she was “dress to surprise.” She made the other contestants second guess her as a drag queen, calling her “club kid”. But little did they know that it was her EXACT intention. She said later in her interview “I see the surprised look in everyone’s face. It’s exactly what I wanted. We’re drag queens. We’re pioneers, so why not wear a cyclops hat.” And then she won the title. :)






… and last but not the least… (drum roll)!

#1 Laganja Estranja (Season Six). “On you wanted a twist eh? C’mon season six let’s get sickening.” (death drop) A lot of fans and “drag folk” read her for being “too fake” … well, it’s drag, it ain’t real. You want something real? Look ordinary, … take your makeup off, look like Milk! (oops, sorry, not “intentional” lol :) “jk”). Deal with it. I’m dealing with “M”. Fact of the matter is, at the end of the day (or season), she’s the one everybody was talking about. People are imitating her catch phrases, heck, even Alaska Thunderfuck made a gag video about her! It’s funny because when I was in Seattle to watch a RPDR aluma perform, everybody in the club was all saying c’mon this, c’mon that! It was hilarious! And it wasn’t even Laganja who was performing! She came to the show well prepared with her catch phrases, her merch, etc. She had a game plan. Well, coming from the House of Edwards, of whom Alyssa Edwards being her drag mother, she knew what to expect. She didn’t took the title, but she got a lot to bank on. People can rant about her and dis her, but … at the end of the day, it’s her name that is one everybody’s lips … and it keeps her brand alive. Sushi roll! Sushi roll! Not like the forgettable ones, they’ll have to come up with a sex tape to become relevant again. And to borrow one of her catch phrase … “So props to you momma!” lol






So who will it be for season seven? We’ll find out soon enough. Done!


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