Downton Abbey Season 5 … Was All Build-Up!

SPOILER ALERT. Downton Abbey Season 5 is over and I didn’t even notice. I totally forgot each season only has eight episodes (sigh). I still like the show … even though I find the plot this season a little bit flat. They seem to be struggling to make the show exciting, but it is still a great treat.

I’m just glad they only killed the dog this season. They could’ve given Matthew Crawley a little bit more longevity than the damn canine! Whatever, fine, its done.

Overall, this season is just so-so. They seem to be trying too hard to keep the excitement going. I guess it is harder without taking notes from “Upstairs/Downstairs” (1971). Yes, it’s hard to forget. This season was supposed to be their vindication, at least for me, to prove that they can make it work on their own. I guess, the Jury is still out.

They gave Mrs. Crawley and Lady Grantham love interests? Why? Well, I suppose it’s time for them to get it on the action, right? (cringe) In past seasons, I get so excited to hear what notable quotes Lady Grantham might say. There wasn’t much of that this season. What gives? Wisdom and wit has gone dry? Lady Grantham’s old romance isn’t really something I would enjoy watching, but she acted the part perfectly like a diamond, of course.

They gave Mrs. Baxter and Lady Edith some backbone. Ok, fine. That’s great. But Anna is starting to sound like a total wimp. She used to be the rock for Mr. Bates in past seasons. So hopeful and everything. Ok, fine, she was attached and raped … but still. Mr. Bates got a clean slate, for good, but (shocker) … Anna? Killer? They need to fix this. It doesn’t add up based on events from the last season. So Anna is going away … to prison, but she won’t get the axe. That subplot is too juicy to chop.

And Daisy, I dunno … she’s starting to get on my nerves. It was a cheap shot to make viewers think she’s going away to pursue other things this whole season, only to change her mind and stay in the finale. Bleh.

Lady Mary Crawley, is she gonna get married? Is she not? Well, we shall see! The animosity between Lady Mary and Lady Edith is wearing thin. And speaking off, Lady Mary’s boy games isn’t as exciting as it was before. Ok, I get it … she’s scared of commitment, proper outside, but a slut inside… lol ;) well, it’s true.

The only thing noteworthy this season was Tom Branson and Lady Rose. Tom Branson, might be going to Chicago … but he’s been saying this for two seasons now! Tom (sigh), gawd … that man … he’s a bundle of joy. LOL. It would be such a shame if he leaves the show. Is George Clooney going to be his relative from Chicago for the Christmas 2014 Special? This makes sense. Make him rebel but keep the Irish! Lady Rose, she got married … so she might just make a cameo next season, she’s gone.

No intense moments this season … like when Lady Mary said goodbye to Matthew on his way to the war. That scene was … (sigh) I can’t. Why can’t they do that kind of scenes again? Though, there were plenty of cliffhangers this season, and hints on who might leave the show! Season five was all build-up, where’s the climax?!

So what’s the rundown for Season Five? Dog died of cancer … its not coming back. Done.

Now, Christmas 2014 special … George Clooney will be in it … really? He’s a great actor, but what a way to ruin a fantasy. In season four, they cast Paul Giamatti to play Harold Levinson, Cora’s uncle from America, and it totally ruined the fantasy for me. He is a great actor but he is too current for a period drama! He overshadowed the show. Now George Clooney? I always think that you can tell a show is in trouble when they start to cast popular actors to help with the ratings. After a while, the show gets cancelled. Remember “FRIENDS” or “Will & Grace”? Anyway, that’s that.

Downton Abbey Season 5 will Premier in the USA on January 5, 2015 on PBS. Check it out!


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