Jurassic World Is Astounding!

Jurassic World just released its official trailer via Twitter! And it is visually astounding! This movie brings back a lot of great memories for me. It pays a few homage to the movie that started this franchise, “Jurassic Park” (1993), the herd of dinosaurs galloping on the open field, the opening of the gate, and the labs. (goosebumps). The scene in the first movie with Dennis about to sabotage the whole park with his programming skills and lex saying “It’s a Unix system, I know this.” Are among the things that Inspired me to pursue the tech field!

The new park, Jurassic World, looks like a really polished version of the previous parks. But this time, they’ve added a gene modification angle … there’s a new genetically engineered dinosaur! Cool! Well, enough about that … check out Chris Patt! The new lead character.

Release date June 2015! Check out the trailer!



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