Star Wars: The Force Awakens

PhotoGrid_1417194272924“The children of the Force must not be Jedi.”

Trailer for the new Star Wars movie just got released! OMG… its the original cast, and it’s a sequel! This will be the franchise’s first feature film under the Disney banner, after George Lucas (under his daughter’s leadership) sold his legacy to the creator of Mickey Mouse.


I was very skeptical about the sale at that time, since Disney has this awful reputation of cannibalizing (and butchering) classic stories. But in hindsight, it may be beneficial for the Star Wars franchise, in terms of longevity, to have a much bigger entertainment company oversee its works for posterity. It’s time to let the hatchling leave its nest… so to speak. But if I see Pluto in a Jedi costume, I’m gonna boycott! I hope Disney won’t adulterate Star Wars.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Black Friday Trailer 2015!



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