Retrospectively, Gay WeHo

I’m so thrilled to publish this debut article for’s first guess column – “Retrospectively, Gay WeHo“, it’s about exciting happenings from the “happiest place on earth!” … Gay West Hollywood! — bluebay700

(Gay WeHo)
You know what I love about Gay West Hollywood?

We have a HUGE country western bar blasting COUNTRY MUSIC out at Adore making her way from Compton to Showgirls as Lisa Vanderpump & Ken pass by in a Bentley and park (seriously) in front of “Invade the Hole” Motherlode where Lisa goes in on a Thursday to sing Karaoke, then goes next door to her CONNECTED gay garden to host Lance Bass & Andy on a Tuesday During Dreamgirls across the street as the Boys file in next door to pump to Manhole which is playing ass porn on the tvs (pointed away from the street).

Inside pump Lisa then demands the rowers get naked with her in her Cabana as Kim & Kris sashay into the Abbey (right behind the gay garden).

And that’s a day or two before the “straight” Taylor Lautner comes to visit his “Gay underwear model” friends.

Then Lisa had to rush around the corner past the Abbey to her OTHER restaurant Sur to have dinner with “Blutus” AND the couple for whom she just officiated their gay wedding.

I did merge time in the above but it’s what I love about it here! Where else do you have to be careful not to “miss out” on a Monday night?


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