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The Interview

Uhmazing: Gosh, first and foremost, CONGRATULATIONS on your very successful one-man shows “The Robbie Turner Revue” and “The Robbie Turner Holiday Revue”! I’ve always thought you should do stand-up comedy because you’re so good at it. Then your shows at the Hard Rock Cafe happened … they’re high grade stuff! Kudos to you , your cast, and your team. Finally THE interview eh?! Thank you so MUCH for giving me this opportunity. I’m so glad you got involved with this project … because, you know, you’re the topic (nervous uneasy giggle). I hope this unravelling will bring you more fans, bring your current fans even closer (if possible?), and help you further your dreams! So here goes … time for twenty-questions! :)
Uhmazing: What’s your out-of-drag name?
Robbie Turner: Most people think that Robbie Turner is my real name. It isn’t, however, not even my family call me by my real name. My name is Jeremy.

Uhmazing: How did you come up with your drag name?
Robbie Turner: I was in a show that decided to force the girls to strip their drag names & use their real names. I didn’t want my real name to be used, so under pressure I went with a character in the book I was reading. Robbie Turner.

Uhmazing: How would you describe your drag?
Robbie Turner: I would describe my drag character as Seattle’s dazzling darling. She is a throwback to Old Hollywood glamour, style, sophistication with a modern comedic edge.

Uhmazing: Describe Robbie Turner in one word?
Robbie Turner: Splendid.

Uhmazing: How did you start doing drag?
Robbie Turner: I started over ten years ago. I had moved in with a friend temporarily in Olympia. He was working for Stonewall Youth (a teen LGBTQ organization) and he was in charge of their latest fundraiser. The evening of the event his drag queen host dropped out. He was fairly panicked since he wanted to make a good impression with his new position so he came up with the idea that I should host the show.

We went to a dress shop, we found a black sparkling catsuit. He bought my make up and a wig and voilà! I hosted as Liza Minnelli.

At this event I was seen by members of Tacoma’s Pride Foundation and asked to perform at their Pride ceremonies the next weekend. They offered me money, so I jumped at the opportunity.

I performed and opened for CeCe Peniston, Tiffany & Kristine W. I was amazed that my second time in drag I was being asked to do something this cool. At this event, I was seen by a couple members of a show called Simply Flawless in Seattle. They asked me to join them and even fill a spot on the Seattle’s Pride main stage. So the following weekend I was back in drag. I performed at The Timberline, where Simply Flawless was housed, in two shows a night. Very busy weekend. And at the end of the night they asked me to join the show as a regular. Before I knew it I was thrust into the drag community and was a full time queen.

Uhmazing: Do you have a drag mother / drag daughter?
Robbie Turner: I never had drag children because I never thought I’d have any important knowledge to pass on. So I always declined taking anyone on. But a few years ago a young man who came to my shows often approached me on the subject. We met for tea and Cameron convinced me that he should be my first drag child. I told him I’d be his mother, but he should have his own last name, but he insisted on being a Turner. He named himself Paige. He was a darling. We spent almost a year working on his image and make up and the day before my thirtieth birthday he and I went shopping for evening gowns at the Betsey Johnson store downtown Seattle. We chose a 1960’s inspired column gown to be worn by myself and two other queens for a fifteen minute version of Dreamgirls to be performed during a Lady Bunny show. They’re so beautiful. So that evening I met the other girls & we had one last dress rehearsal, but something was wrong my phone kept exploding from texts, FB (Facebook) messages, voicemails etc. Finally I answered one of the calls & heard such sad news that Cameron had passed away quite tragically.

So to answer your question, yes I did have a drag daughter. I no longer have one & don’t foresee myself having another and she was best known for her style and her big heart.

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