RIP Bruce

Ugh. A few weeks ago I talked about this coworker of mine who lost both of his old parents this year, one after the other, after taking care of them all by himself for ten years, then having to wrestle with estate crap… only to be diagnosed with terminal cancer…. well, I just read from a corporate communication that he died Sunday. RIP Bruce.

From his point of view…. there is no silver lining. The universe was unfair to him…. cruel. Why he took the path that he did that got him here… only he knows. But for me, just like my uncle who also passed away years ago, who inspired me to live healthy, Bruce has strengthen my resolve to live my life under my own terms. Make decisions to benefit my well-being as #1 priority… I don’t care if you’re my control freak sister, controlling dad (RIP), or one of my stupid half-sibling (Jonathan), or crazy boss … you can just shove your ideas up in your pooper…. see ya!  I’ve got better things to do.

No condolences to me for Bruce, I hardly know him… he was a little bit of a prick so I kept my distance.  Though I realize his situation made him the way he was.

Viva su vida!


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