Thank You!

VERY BIG Thanks to the drag queens of Vancouver, Seattle, and Drag Race… a few good male models, cosplayers, and event organizers in Vancouver and Seattle for making 2014 so FANTASTICAL (pause) despite my macabre circumstances.

Good things come with great lashes! It’s ironic that not so long ago (seven years) I was “afraid” of drag queens, now, I feel like I’m a granny chaser, LOL (I had to use that word, I just had to).

I’m not big on “New Year’s Resolution”, its for babies. I do whatever, whenever, as I see fit. But I’m excited for all the upcoming publications on from projects in the past three months!

If you want to keep the blues away, get a hobby.

Goodbye 2014! Good riddance! C’mon 2015!

Viva su vida!


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