My “What’s The Tee?” Top Picks

Having semi-religiously listened to “RuPaul’s ‘What The Tee?’ with Michelle Visage” since it first started I’ve learned a lot of interesting back stories about RuPaul’s Drag Race show, RuPaul’s and Michelle’s history, personal journey of people I’m interested in, history of Michelle’s cooch… lol, and most importantly… life lessons – from RuPal, Michelle Visage, and guests.

Tangent time: I wrote “semi” since I usually listen to the podcast during my road trips because it’s only when I drive for hours that I find the time to listen and really pay attention. I can’t be doing anything else that requires my full attention if I were to really absorb what’s been said. Luckily, I drive down to Seattle from Vancouver quite regularly, and that’s a three-hour drive… one way.

My biggest takeaway from the podcast is validation of my own personal principles and beliefs. It’s good to know that people I admire have gone through some of my life challenges and has emerged as victors. Perseverance, self-respect, creating opportunities for one’s self, persistence, not taking one’s self too seriously, and positive thinking are some of the great topics discussed in the podcast. It’s like self-therapy.

So, with that, here’s my list of favorite podcast guests and podcast episodes.

Favorite guests:
1. Ts Madison – no bs, just the truth.
2. Leah Remini – she and Michelle are awesome to listed to. She’s fierce.
3. Alaska Thunderfuck – funny and sounds great.
4. Latrice Royale – great story of redemption.
5. Jason Carter – he took over as host, 💙 him.
6. Chi Chi LaRue – great success story.

My Favorite Podcast Episodes:
1. 22 Inch Weave with Ts Madison (ep8)
2. Uncle Tom with Leah Remini (ep16)
3. Creating Your Own Luck, Bowie & Lace Front Wigs (ep4)
4. It Gets Butter with Latrice Royale (ep13)
5. Perseverance & Oil Pulling with Alaska Thunderfuck (ep6)
6. Granny Chaser with Chi Chi LaRue (ep14)
7. Objectification with Miles Davis Moody & Jason Carter (ep10)

Favorite Podcast Episodes – Runners Up:
8. Blame It on The Lupus with Kristen Johnston (ep7)
9. Personal Breakthroughs featuring Tamar Braxton (ep12)
10. Beyoncé, Monogamy, & Let the Music Play (ep2)
11. Drag Race Auditions, Meditation & Nail Art (ep1)
12. Timeline Failure with Mathu Andersen (ep7)
13. Don’t Blame it on the Edit (ep19)
14. Bareback Betty (ep15)

You can subscribe to the podcast from iTunes. It’s free.


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