Vancouver’s Odyssey Bar On The Verge of A Comeback!

For what seemed like a mere topic for casual conversations, Vancouver’s once trendy bar – Odyssey, is on the verge of a comeback! Tucked in an alley (at least the entrance) on Howe and Davie streets in downtown Vancouver, the once bustling and often packed nightclub all a sudden closed … well, after BC Housing decided to repurpose the site last May 2008 for social and supportive housing. Other gay clubs in the area have since tried to fill the void but none has really matched the popularity and energy that Odyssey brought to the LGBT community, and in particular the Davie community. Celebrities Nightclub upgraded their establishment – it’s like boarding a spaceship lol … it’s awesome, Heaven’s Door opened, Pump Jack made renovations, Numbers … well… haven’t changed much, and 1181 and The Junction hosted drag shows, and for a time Five Sixty was a gay club, albeit, briefly. Unfortunately, all the effort to capitalize on Odyssey’s demise still seems off. Frankly, none of the clubs today has really captured what Odyssey was in its heyday … except of course during Pride season, it’s jumping gays (LGBT) everywhere.

I know there are other gay bars and clubs outside Davie, but to me … the core gay community is on Davie. I personally feel vulnerable when socializing beyond the area. I don’t know why the city of Vancouver is trying to break the LGBT nightlife district apart, since it is part of its identity, maybe that’s not their intention, … but there you have it. Not everything the city decides makes any sense anyway, like the constricting bike lanes … (pause) calming my nerves, but I digress.

Rumors! So many rumors and speculations about Odyssey’s reopening … then on December 11 it finally became official! The Odyssey Bar will reopen at a yet to be announced date! The new location will be on 686 West Hastings Street, Vancouver (no surprises here … shady Vancouver!) … but we’ll take it!

(The Odyssey Bar) Great news: we picked up our Development Permit today. The City of Vancouver approved our entire application, including Shower Power and Back-Alley Entrance. Once the Building Permit is also issued, we can announce the opening date. Thanks everyone for your support!

Will the bar relive it’s glorious past! Only time will tell … but this news is a great start!

Stay tuned for the announcement of the opening date!


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