Jonny Diina, Sitting On a Gold Mine

Some Spirit band's Jonny Diina

Jonny Diina / Some Spirit | Photo by bluebay700

Jonny Diina (Soundcloud) is an amazing musician from Napa, California. I had the pleasure of meeting him six years ago, along with his friend, and then co-writer, Cole Armstrong, in Napa one very early morning while he was promoting his EP “Prelude” at a radio station there.

Prelude got my attention six years ago. Excellent song writing. His singing voice has great range, and sounds very soothing but with enough power and conviction to keep you glued to the song. The EP only has four tracks … in favorite order; “Dog On A Lead”, “Will I Fail You”, “The Moon Will Kiss The Innocent Goodnight”, and “Love & Truth”… but they’re all fantastic! I still play the autographed EP whenever I feel introspective … during weekends. :) Prelude was very relevant at that juncture in my life.

Prelude EPI’ve been waiting for some time to hear something from him, something reminiscent of Prelude. I don’t know why I didn’t check Sound Cloud, but I have. I was in “stalking” mode tonight… and look what I found! Four amazing MASTER tracks! I’m not sure if this is for another EP. The songs are a collaborative work between him and Jeremy Hatcher.

1. “Come Alive
2. “Sicken The Sea
3. “Fallen
4. “You’ll Be One

Check it out! :D I love it! Jonny Diina is currently the vocalist of LA band Some Spirit,


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