“Freedom of Speech” vs Stupidity

I didn’t really want to publish this kind of topic here because people can be very passionate about what they believe in, it’s too polarizing, and it can bring a lot of negative energy – which I don’t find particularly interesting. But I’m tired of reading news or opinions in social media that to me is out of touch with reality. So I’m just going to write down my own thoughts, as brief and direct as I can, and I won’t talk about it again.

In the context of “Freedom of Speech” alone, it’s a fact that it is not absolute. Just like the freedoms we enjoy under democracy, there are rules and laws we have to follow. If we break them, there are consequences. In this day an age when people are so sensitive about “political correctness” and “bullying”, I’m quite appalled at how some people act so ignorantly about the limits of self-expression. Yes, Freedom of Speech gives us the right to express ourselves however we want, but we also have to be cognizant about what we say and do because there are repercussions to our actions, good or bad. There’s censorship in shows and movies for a reason. People can get sued for libel, reprimanded for hate speech and offensive language, fired, or branded as trolls. Like, if you make death threats to the President to the United States, guess what will happen to you? There are so many words we’re no longer allowed to use in public like “N****r”, “F***t”, “Tr***y”, … etc. You can still use them if you like, but be prepared to get beaten up! Expressing yourself without any filter can get you in big trouble, even hurt! If Freedom of Speech has no limits, that is too much power for any one person. Nobody is entitled to absolute Freedom of Speech, not the common person, not politicians, not celebrities, and definitely not the media. Anyone who bullies anybody for ratings, money, attention, or for whatever ever reason are as guilty of inciting trouble and violence themselves. Some may argue, “I can say whatever I want, and I’m willing to face the consequences.” That’s fine, but if you know the risks and put others in harms’ way, what does that make you? Just because Freedom of Speech exists doesn’t mean you have to act like an idiot. What people need is respect! You make your bed, you’ll have to sleep in it. Take responsibility for your goddamn actions and to the right thing.




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