My Tweet Rulebook – Respect! Don’t Bully!

Here’s a little compilation of things I think about when I use Twitter.

Though, I was motivated to put this preachy list up because I didn’t like what I’ve seen lately on Twitter … celebrities with millions of followers belittling a regular folk who expressed their opinion. Any public figure who stoop so low and be all bitchy at an ordinary folk is a bastard. They’re basically bullies … directing potentially a huge number of people to attack another person. That’s abuse of popularity.

  1. Target your audience by using the right account of your subject(s). Plain text won’t get your tweet anywhere.
  2. Incorporating your subject(s) in a tweet can get really noisy. Make a call if it’s too annoying or not, use # instead of @.
  3. Be honest, but don’t pretend … unless you’re in drag, live the fantasy.
  4. Always retweet & favorite Tweets from your favorite Tweeps, never ask questions … just skip. #commit2theTweep :)
  5. Ok, Twitter catalogs pics you retweet or quote, so unless you are okay with porn overrun …Favorite is enough to show support.
  6. Nobody is a #socialmedia marketing expert! Tweet your thoughts. If you want attention, go to Facebook.
  7. Your tweet don’t have to make any sense, like… do dreams make any sense all the time? NO.
  8. NEVER disclose any personal information on social media, unless you’re stupid. What? Nothing to hide? Yeah, you’re stupid.
  9. Instead of quoting people all the time… try live life and quote yourself from your own experience. How about that?
  10. Credibility is still key, even if your account is fake.
  11. Never #bully or fight anyone in #socialmedia, especially if u have millions of followers. Take the higher moral ground.
  12. Be yourself, but not too much (sometimes).
  13. You can always delete your Tweets.
  14. Tweet for you, not for them.
  15. Follow trade? Who does that? Follow someone because you are interested of their opinion (or are actually stalking), lol.
  16. Give your followers some attention too. :)
  17. Take tweet flirting for what it is, flirting. Harmless fun. It warms the blood. Yes, be realistic.
  18. Don’t be so preachy … like this series of tweets. Christ. Enough!


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