Teen Suicides in the 21st Century

I’m starting to believe this inability to cope life’s harsh realities has something to do with extreme self-entitlement. Growing up, I’ve never ever heard of so many teens committing suicide. Except for that one time in high school where a kid, two years older than me, shot his bully in school in front of his classmates, took the faculty hostage, and end up in prison, … tho, never suicides.

Little kids being handed a medal just for showing up in school, bitch, we have to raise hell to get any recognition… it’s too much! Kids getting upset when they don’t get any Likes. When the bubble burst … this, this is the dark part of it. Self-entitlement… at its wost!

Kids getting sick easily. Too much sanitation! And parents wonder why their children have low resistance. Today’s parents are setting up their kids for disaster. Overprotecting.

Yes, I’m pissed at the teen suicides … and I blame the parents.


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