Lady Gaga Could Be A Hit In American Horror Story Season 5

Yes, it’s true, Lady Gaga to play a role in the fifth season of American Horror Story.

I think it’s great. With her creativity and talent, and immense popularity, her upcoming stint on the hit show could be her first step into the movie industry.

But hopefully, the show won’t waste this opportunity like how they squandered Stevie Nicks’ appearance in season three – “Coven”. I like Stevie Nicks, but she really didn’t do anything except sing. Each of the two episodes she was in was reduced to a protracted music video. Yes, it was sort of empowering to women, and I was a bit teary-eyed when she sang, … but it could’ve been done better. If I want to watch her sing, I’d watch a concert video. Lately, the show has this reputation of giving great stars low-key boring roles. Stop!

With Lady Gaga, what I hope for is… the show to really bring it. Make her character a really bad psycho killer. Make her look crazy, and act crazy. I’m talking Christian Bale-crazy. Make her raise hell! Make her unrecognizable. So after an episode she’s in, I’d be like “Shit, that was Lady Gaga? Wow! I had no clue.”

The last thing I want to watch is Lady Gaga singing on the show. We know she can sing. I’ve been to her concert, and she’s great. But I want to see something else that’s more appropriate for the show, something different.

Good luck! Slay the show!

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