RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 7 Hit The Ground Running

RuPaul’s Drag Race Season Seven hit the ground running! In an effort to keep the show “fresh”, the show has introduced a lot of changes this season. It’s a major shake-up. Santino Rice is gone! He is replaced by two new regular judges Carson Kressley and Ross Mathews. RuPaul mentioned in his Billboard interview that Merle Ginsberg, Drag Race judge in season one and two, and Santino Rice will be appearing this season at some point. Pit Crew Shawn Morales and Simon Sherry-Wood where replaced by a redhead and Aerospace engineer (and possibly Jewish, according to RuPaul), Bryce Eilenberg – geeks can be hot too, ya know! Jason Cater and Miles Davis Moody survived the cut!

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The first “mini” challenge is a high fashion catwalk featuring two different looks – Spring 2015 and Fall 2015. Most of the contestants delivered except for a couple. My personal favorites in this challenge are Violet Cachki, Miss Fame, Katya, and Trixie Mattel. Hash tag … reveals. These batch of gurls has mastered the art of reveals it left one judge spinning out of control — Carson. Tempest DuJour is my least favorite if this challenge. Alaska Thunderfuck (or Alaska 5000) was among the runway spectators, along with Mathu Andersen, RuPaul, and Michelle Visage. I’m not sure if they where actually judging them. I mean, I don’t even remember if Mathu made any comment about the runway looks.

The main challenge is a beach themed nude illusion. I wasn’t too thrilled about the main challenge. I mean, Carmen Carrera already set the bar really high. And, I’m not really into nude drag, unless you’re Carmen or Tatiana … you know, body perfect. Or maybe I’ve looked at one too many fitness gym selfies, lol. Well, unless “nudity” is for an artful tasteful pose for a pictorial of some sort, but not like … walking around. Like the nude photoshoot mini-challenge in season three. That was cool. Some of these gurls just look sickly without clothes on, lol, well, it’s true. Katya and Miss Fame did alright. But the rest where just … okay.

And wow, Pearl, there ain’t not a lot of fire coming from this gurl. Is she bored on the show? RuPaul even said “It’s like a runway on Ambien”. LOL, she’s that subdued! She’s the opposite of Ginger Minj or Jaidynn Fierce, who are both so bubbly!

Anyway, I’m so impressed at the level of sophistication of the gurls in this season. The mug are perfect … even Bianca Del Rio Jr … aka Trixie Mattel. :) Since make-up is pretty much perfect for these gurls, it’ll all come down to sewing. lol. :) Check out the sneak peek from LogoTV!

I think Tempest DoJour and Pearl will end up in the bottom two.



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