RuPaul’s “Realness” Sounds Fresh Like A Newly Catch Fish

RuPaul’s seventh album “Realness”, a collaboration of many talents, is about to drop … well, on Monday March 2!

“Realness”, a fifteen track album, including interludes, sounds fresh yet it has that retro feel to it. The songs are danceable, not preachy, and just plain fun to listen to. My favorite tracks so far are “LGBT”, “L.A. Rhythm”, “I Blame You”, and “Color Me Love”.

Having a slew of artists work in “Realness” made it sound so distinct from RuPaul’s earlier albums. And it’s a good thing.

The full track listing:

1 L.A. Rhythm (feat. Michelle Visage & JROB)
2 Color Me Love (feat. Rebecca Romijn & Markaholic)
3 I Met Him on the Dance Floor (Interlude)
4 I Blame You (feat. Ellis Miah)
5 Throw Ya Hands Up (feat. Lady Bunny & Ellis Miah 2015)
6 This Is a Picnic (Interlude)
7 Die Tomorrow (feat. Frankmusik)
8 The Realness (feat. Eric Kupper)
9 A Dream You’re Having (Interlude)
10 L.A. Rhythm (feat. Michelle Visage & Matt Moss)
11 Born Naked (feat. Clairy Browne) [Stadium Remix]
12 Drag Mocks Identity (Interlude)
13 ExplicitStep It Up (feat. Dave Audé)
14 LGBT (feat. Chi Chi Larue & Markaholic)
15 Thorns of a Rose (Interlude)

Available on iTunes starting March 2.


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