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Spice Gurls Shadow Cast 2014 - Jane Smoker, Jadis Vanity, Lady Jem, Celestial Season, Laura Vanity

Spice Gurls Shadow Cast 2014 – Jane Smoker, Jadis Vanity, Lady Jem, Celestial Season, Laura Vanity

Uhmazing: If you were to pick a charitable cause, what would it be?
Jane Smoker: I have worked with the WISH Drop In Centre Society in the past and I would love to continue to do so. It’s a wonderful foundation that helps increase the health and safety of women in the DTES working in the survival sex trade. I learned about this charity through several close friends of mine who volunteered there and I hold women’s safety and well-being close to my heart. Collecting items for these women and raising funds for the charity is something I plan on doing quite often this year. However, I don’t think one charity should be the end of it. I’d love to work help out with as many as possible…after all, that is the duty of a queen!

Uhmazing: What keeps you going, as a drag entertainer?
Jane Smoker: I have so many creative ideas that need to be let out, like so many in my “archive of future performances” so with that alone I’ll be here for years to come. My sisterhood with the other queens really keeps me going as well. Every drag queen is inspiring to me and we’re lucky to have such a support group of queens here in Vancouver. Finally, the amazing support of the community and watching people come together, have fun and build each other up. I’ve been hearing recently that I am an inspiration to lots of people, which I find hard to wrap my head around, but that also gives me the drive to continue to do all I can. Plus, I wanna give what I have to the world and I haven’t even started yet!

Uhmazing: Tell us about your gigs, where can fans watch you perform?
Jane Smoker: I perform all over town, if it’s a gay bar (sometimes even if it’s not) chances are I’ll be there within the month. I’m hoping to get my monthly show PLAYBOY (which I pitched in the final week of VNDS) started sometime before the summer and I’m also involved in a weekly that will be happening soon (details which I can’t give away just yet). More specifically I will be at the the Fox on March 7, at Coronation on March 14 as well as Playground at the Vancouver Art and Leisure Centre and at Cafe du Soleil on March 27.

Presenting.Jane Smoker - BOSS ... Espania.

Presenting.Jane Smoker – BOSS … Espania.

Uhmazing: What’s next for Jane Smoker?
Jane Smoker: You can expect me to continue to perform at gigs around town as per usual and for the launch of my weekly and monthly shows soon. I’ll be heading to LA in April, Austin in May, New York City in June and there is a possible tour in the works. I’ll be working on at least one more song in the summer and filming a music video for my current single “Lucky Ho” in the coming months. I’m going to continue to DJ, I begin filming a web series that will be online in the near future, I’m working on a website and working on some art projects with some very talented individuals. I’m sure there will be more but I won’t give everything away, gotta leave some stuff to the imagination for everyone!

Uhmazing: Any advice for would-be drag queens out there?
Jane Smoker: My advice is always “be the star you think you are, a little delusion can get you so far” and by that I mean you need to have complete faith in yourself and others will believe in you too. I would also say do not be catty when you’re starting out and always be grateful and humble. Don’t be scared to ask for gigs and do not hesitiate to do something if it makes you scared. There have been many times that I’ve been so nervous before a show that I could faint but those shows are always the most rewarding and the most memorable. Another piece of advice would be to be inspired by other queens but don’t try and BE other queens. They are them, you are you.


jane-smoker_article_boss_02Thank you so much Jane Smoker for the interview and for such warm hospitality on our BOSS photoshoot – hopefully, not our last! Keep up the good work, and … REPRESENT!

Check out some of my photoshoot projects with Jane Smoker. These are all impromptu shoots taken by yours truly, on-location, and not in a studio. Enjoy!

Presenting.Jane Smoker
A bluebay700 Drag Photography Series
Knockout, GlamTown, Drag Racer, BOSS

Presenting.Jane Smoker (Vancouver) - Knockout ... Jawbreaker.Presenting.Jame Smoker - GlamTown ... Face.Presenting.Jane Smoker (Vancouver)Presenting.Jane Smoker - BOSS

Event Photo: Vancouver’s Next Drag Superstar 2015 Finale

Jane Smoker will be in West Hollywood, Los Angeles, in April for her first solo US performance at the famous Micky’s nightclub! Check our event calendar for details and if you’re in town, check her out!

Don’t forget to follow her on Facebook and Instagram, and Like her Facebook page. Watch her perform in her upcoming shows and be a part of her journey. The evolution continues …

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