RuPaul’s Drag Race 7 – Untucked Ep 1 … Change Is Good.

RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 7 Untucked Episode 1 premiered on WOWReport’s YouTube channel a few hours ago, and there are plenty of changes. The series has a new sponsor, SquareSpace – the same sponsor for RuPaul’s What’s The Tee? With Michelle Visage podcast.

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New Set With No Name

The Interior Illusions Lounge and the Gold Bar are gone. So far, it’s just a single “warehouse” kind of set reminiscent of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 1 unaired behind the scenes. It looks huge! Unlike the previous sets, which seems smaller, polished wall-to-wall, and personal … the new set has that rough around the edges sort of feel to it. There’s a huge “WOW Presents” neon sign on a platform in the background, … I don’t think that’s the name of the set.

Crew In Frame

There are only two things that “bothers” me about this new Untucked. First … the show’s crew getting too much screen time. I know it’s fake, but I would prefer to only see the queens in the frame. Ok, maybe when they’re ushered in the backroom and the crew is on screen, that’s fine. But when they start talking, I really prefer not to see any crew filming or checking notes. Sorry … I still like a little bit of illusion. Having only the queens in the frame makes the production seem a little “real” and unfrabricated. A woman holding a clipboard, probably the script, is a little bit of a buzz kill.

No RuPaul

Second … there’s no RuPaul doing an intro or narration of any kind. Nothing. It’s a bit of a disappointment because RuPaul branding is everything. I don’t know why they took that away. The absence of “Oh gurl, you got She-Mail” in the main show is fine, but Untucked without RuPaul? I don’t know. RuPaul is what glues this whole experience together … so to me it felt a little bit impersonal (sigh).


Tempest DuJour is such a class act. She took her elimination with grace and dignity. That’s pretty damn cool. Pearl … oh, her look is a cross between Venus D-Lite and Manila Luzon (I may have said Sonique last time, that was wrong. I mean’t Venus) :D And she’s so tamed. Jaidynn Fierce and Giner Minj are so freakin’ vibrant and funny! <3

Anyway, the changes will take a little bit of time to get used to, but to me the production overall is still great.

Click here to watch the full episode. WOW Presents Untucked Playlist on YouTube.


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